Wednesday , December 8 2021

26 to have lip surgery released in Mpilo


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Kudzai Chikiwa, Chronic Reporter
Two patients of six to receive lip and plastic plastics surgery will begin today at Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo, with the number expected to increase during the week.

Out of 26 patients, 18 children include lip surgery and thicknesses, including eight plastic surgery.

The operations, run by the Freedom to Smile Foundation of the United States of America, will expire on Friday.

Patio and tape lips are facial and oral diseases that occur very early during pregnancy while the baby develops inside the uterus.

Head of Surgery Department, Dr Crispin Ntoto, said patients were coming as far as Nyanga.

"The increase in the number of patients who come for operations shows that there are many surgical needs in our population. Unnecessary treatment is needed on patients but due to economic challenges they can not access medication and when they hear about free surgeries they flock in numbers, "he said.

Dr Ntoto said that average patients need 25 per cent for lip and pave surgery.

"Our main focus is on lip and tape surgery, but a larger percentage of patients show that they need plastic surgery and have a soft tissue problem, however, some can not be implemented because of reasons including age. 39; n less than 3 months and we have sent some home at home. Some surgeries need more advanced machines and this time can not be maintained, "he said.

Dr Ntoto stated that they face challenges in the conduct of surgeries as the hospital does not have enough anesthesia machines (machines used to introduce oxygen and respiratory anesthetic to patients).

One of the US anesthetists, Dr Marjorie Sagonda, reported that they needed huge surgery in Zimbabwe.

Dr Sagonda said they were taking a baby with a bone thumor to America for surgery.

"Its condition is serious. These machines are not enough to perform the surgery. We will communicate with the US embassy and get its passport and have a visa to process it said she was going on surgery in the United States.

Operation Hope, a 29-year-old surgical charity of the United States / Canada, holds its 24 surgical mission to Zimbabwe. Since 2006, they have performed more than 5,000 free transportation for children and adults, only in [email protected]

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