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2020 porsche 911 looks after the main S and 4 S program at auto LA show


there is a new pornche 911. 992 named the porcelain, 911 S and 4S celebrated their first performance on the night before the LA auto show evening. Here is the eighth generation of the 911 sports car that celebrates a history of 55 years. Here's a look at what's new.

the 911 race S and 4S race – the first two members of the 992 generation – will have a flat flat six-liter 3.0-liter flat with 443 horsepower, up to 23 p. According to porsche, the two-wheel drive S race can reach 60 in just 3.5 seconds, while the wheel wheel drive 4S turns fast time at 3.4 seconds. this makes both cars 0.4 seconds faster than the previous model in each case. This advantage is increased by another 0.2 seconds with the optional cumulative sports package.

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driving efficiency was increased through a better spray process and a new installation for the turbochargers and the erection of an air cooling system. the power is introduced by eight fast fast-paced dual dual dual transitions. additional highlights include the new support systems, including wet porcelain mode to drive on even wetter wet roads, and night vision helps with a thermal imaging camera, as well as comprehensive connectivity – now using information for assembly.

the external design emphasizes the jump in performance for the 911 992 type. wheelchair shelf significantly wider over 20 inch front wheels and 21 inch rear wheels. The back is now the same width across all the models, highlighting the central section of the slope. On the front, the body is 45 mm wider. the fancy integration of the electrical handles in the doors emphasizes the contour deep and smooth side.

Between the new LED lights, a boned with obvious cut stimulates the design of the first 911 generations. the rear is dominated on each model by the significantly wider rear end extinguisher, ranging from the site and the seamless, seamless bar bar. except for the front and back parts, the whole outer skin now has to make aluminum.

inspired by 911 models of the 1970s, the interior is characterized by clear and straight lines of the boardboard with turned-up instruments. alongside the central counter – typical for porsche – two non-frame fire disclosures show supply information to the driver. the PCM center screen is now 10.9 inches, and it can be implemented quickly and without highlighting thanks to the new architecture.

Under the unit there is a concise switch unit with five buttons for direct access to important vehicle functions. In terms of digitization, the 911 takes the next step in the future with permanent connectivity as well as new functions and services. standard PCM features include online navigation based on swarm data as well as porsche connect plus.

it also includes a 10.9-inch touch screen monitor, intelligent management and chassis elements as well as innovative support systems. the three digital features feature these features: the way porcelain trip equipment for special trips, the 360+ porsche personal assistant, and the online porsche-emission emission calculator to neutralize your footprint individual carbon.

The 2020 porsche 911 race S has an initial price of $ 113,200 while the 4S is slightly larger at $ 120,600. add another $ 1,050 to each of those prices to cover destination and treatment. Bookings are open, but supplies will not start until summer 2019 in the United States.

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maker: porsche

model: 2020 porsche 911 race S to 4S

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