Sunday , November 1 2020

Young men come to your house to drink, violence is always the owner's daughter

Young men come to your house to drink, rape is always a family girl - Picture 1.

Van Khau Lock Objects (Photo by Hoang Tuan) t

On 23/5, the police district in Ky Son, Nghe province had arrested Van Khau Lock (in 1995, lived in the village of Khe Chi, Thach Giam commune, Tuong Duong area) to investigate and explain the behavior "children" ".

According to the family's reflection, on 19h May 22, Khut went to Mr. Lo Van C. (living in the village of Son Thanh, Ta Co, Ky Son area) consumes alcohol. After drinking alcohol, Khut greeted his family to leave when Lo Thi H. (his daughter C. 2004) slept so that she had a desire. Thinking about that, Khut called me H. to talk and then bring empty ground behind the house to achieve the animal behavior. The event was discovered by the family and reported to the authorities.

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