Wednesday , September 28 2022

Young men are pulling the knife cut by the driver's hand after a traffic collision


In the afternoon of 8 November, the police force and police force of the Hung Dung ward in the city of Vinh (Nghe An) check, tracing car drivers breaking a mercenary car after a traffic collision. The event was decided at 10h35 on 8 November, immediately in the Hung Hung market gate.

Young man pulling knife and knife near hand and driver after traffic collision - Monday 1

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At the time, the car (an unknown plate number) was confronted with a motorcycle. There was a debate between the two sides. Then the man is red, stepping down the car down the white shirt to control the motorcycle.

The young men riding on a motorcycle run into kiosks in the Hung Dung market, taking the driver's knife, breaking the right hand side. The driver must go to the house to escape.

The first step, getting together was another car car recorded. People need to call the police 113 Nghe Police forces and Dung Ward ward were quickly present at the location and place to ensure security and order.

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