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‘Yaya Toure really wants to go to Vietnam’


Representative Yaya Toure confirmed that this player is looking forward to coming to play in the V-League.

Yaya Toure broke up with Qingdao Huanghai from China earlier this year and is currently a free player. Through a representative, the former Barcelona and Manchester City midfielder expressed his desire to come to Vietnam to play.

Richard Harcus, CEO of Harcus Consultancy Group (a representative unit of Yaya Toure in Asia) shares with us: “A club is negotiating with us to recruit Yaya Toure, I can’t reveal it at the moment. There are also a number of other teams who contact us but they are not very keen. A player of the level like Yaya Toure deserves a fierce welcome.

Yaya Toure is 2 years younger than Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Zlatan still scores regularly in Serie A, so playing Yaya in the V-League will be no problem for him. Also, what it can do for the young players will be truly fantastic.

Representative: 'Yaya Toure really wants to come to Vietnam' Photo 1
Yaya Toure really wants to go to Vietnam.

I am very impressed by the enthusiasm of Vietnamese football fans. They deserve to see players like Yaya Toure play. He also shared with me that he loves Vietnam very much, we often talk about life in Vietnam and he is very excited about it.

Yaya Toure is a very familiar name to Vietnam football fans. He won the Premier League three times with Man City. The midfielder previously won the La Liga title twice and won the Champions League once in the Barcelona shirt. At the national team level, he also won the 2015 CAN Cup Africa championship with Ivory Coast.

In terms of individual achievements, Yaya Toure won four consecutive Africa Player of the Year awards, between 2011 and 2014. At his peak in form, he was considered one of the midfielders. the best mind in the world.

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