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Why was the missing pregnant woman found in Bac Ninh in Gia Lai?


After receiving information that Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy Thao (age 22, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province) had given birth at Pleiku City Medical Center (Gia Lai), on December 6, her husband and relatives arrived.

Four days ago, Thao mysteriously disappeared when he went to hospital for antenatal care at the Yen Phong area Medical Center. Concerned, the family posted a message asking the online community for help and reported to authorities to assist with the search.

What surprises a family the most is why Thao disappeared and went back to Gia Lai – more than 1000km from his home for birth?

“My wife is in hospital, her health is weak after giving birth and some psychological instability, so the source of the issue cannot be clearly asked. Doctors say my wife gave birth 2 days ago, my son is weighing 3, 6kg “, Mr. The Anh (Thao’s husband).

Why was the missing pregnant woman found in Bac Ninh in Gia Lai?  - Picture 1.

Pictures of a lovely baby born in Gia Lai.

“By checking on Gia Lai city hospital, there were 2 women who brought my wife and used all other papers. My wife was still vague in real time, while everyone found 1 card. Amulet, there is a bus ticket in Thao’s body More about the hospital doctor, that woman always goes around 2-3am and asks if she is giving birth … doubtfully waiting for her release and then The family reported to the police station to investigate “, Mr The Anh said and thanked the press, reported the online community to help the family find a wife and children.

City Medical Center Representative. Pleiku also said Thao gave birth at noon on Dec. 3 and is currently being cared for in hospital.

This person stated that Mrs. Thao in the hospital on condition that she is about to deliver. At that time, due to her poor health, a woman accompanied Thao to complete the procedure in hospital.

According to the information on the ID card, insurance card, the information of the pregnant woman is 19-year-old Nguyen Thi Thao, who lives in Chu Prong, Gia Lai area.

“When we checked, we discovered that the mating information should be maintained for pregnant women to be admitted to hospital and give birth as normal, without knowing that this woman’s personal information did not match paper “, City Medical Center Representative. Information pleiku.

Why was the missing pregnant woman found in Bac Ninh in Gia Lai?  - Picture 2.

Image of Ms Thao in a security camera at Yen Phong (Bac Ninh) hospital before she disappeared.

Before that, on the morning of December 2, Mrs. Thao and her mother-in-law to Yen Phong District General Hospital for antenatal care. While sitting in a hospital corridor, a 22-year-old woman asked to go to the toilet and lose contact.

Through verification, it was found that Thao took a taxi from Yen Phong District Hospital to Bac Ninh Obstetric Hospital and then went missing.

At the time of departure, this woman was 3-4 days behind schedule.

Why was the missing pregnant woman found in Bac Ninh in Gia Lai?  Picture 3.

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