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Why are Vietnam's recruiting teams difficult to beat in the regional arena? | Vietnamese Football

Self-esteem has improved

Van Toan Exercise

Yesterday, VN recruits happy news, Van Toan's midfielder can reboot lightly. You need a doctor to monitor separately but this has shown the possibility that he can continue to match the 2018 AFF Cup in the case of a Vietnam final. "We claim that if the program is precise, Toan needs to be able to play again for 2 weeks. All the injuries were in the tendons and extended one part of the ligament, not having a cartilage & # 39 ; to initially break worries about the worst case, "said the VN team Tuan Nguyen Giap.

Then the BHL must be out in front of the lobby, or mosquitoes are waiting, reminding, even the players asked on time. For a long time, the team did not have the position of the stars looking at the morning light, nor stealing smoke …

From the U.23 team, the Vietnam Olympic Games and now the national team, the players under the Park Hang-coach-this are self-conscious. It is time for the players to go to the doctor's office to check, massage, present in the café, focusing on the car … So train Park Hang-length confidence to & # 39 ; The squad team is 4 times, the nearest follows a 3-0 victory over Cambodia, with the belief that they will not lose strength, or will not affect psychology.

Head of Delegation, Duong Vu Lam, said: "The issue of the players is the most worrying because the majority are young, easily neglected, unoccupied. But through each game, a Hang-here coach and two members organized a team from Korea & the team, organize training and activities … seriously and discipline.The people of Vietnam also support its approach. As well as the participation of a group of cultural players, understanding their responsibilities and their society, they are all very quiet. It is important that the supporters and especially the press are very supportive of the team, who are unanimous, not influenced by other things. has a huge impact. Players see a great opportunity to finish a year with fun that did not work in the front.

Pleasing sympathy to Lam's contribution, BLV Vu Quang Huy said: "This time our team is no longer fragile, supporters can give us confidence. We are very strong, fighting good discipline, is a tough team being beat in the Southeast Asia field Before all the team's opponents still have to play, we have many good players, well-trained players and effective clubs. Brothers are a professional sense, a competitive spirit okay.

Back to top after 10 years

The VN Cup A8 201 successfully completed with 360 minutes to keep the net clean. However, as well as 2008, we are constantly losing during action with incredible mistakes. The spirit comes from a failure of well-prepared psychological issues, or even non-professional issues. In this regard, leader Duong Vu Lam said: "The team has decided that the 2018 AFF Cup is an important area for Vietnam to return to its peak after 10 years. Together, squeeze each other as the Asian Cup U.23 or ASI 2018. The "special" trips to Bacolod (Philippines) direct journeys make the team feel very honorable. The result will certainly depend on many factors that are waiting forward, but the team knows the expectations of the fans so that they will try their best to be the final game . "

BLV Vu Quang Huy also sent the whole belief to the team: "This or not, this championship depends on many factors, the children have a way of developing for the future. At this point In the team it's probably just a battle that is, because most are young, many people for the first time the AFF Cup. However, I have confidence, a team Hang-here Park coach makes the story.

Vietnam will fly directly to Bacolod

VFF has discussed with Vietnam Airlines to launch a special flight straight from Hanoi to Bacolod (Philippines) with the crew only, with some reporters paying the cost. There is a great effort to the VFF to help the team avoid the need to fly around Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City – Manila – dozens of Bacolod as far as possible current commercial flight.

The second flight is straight for fans to "fire" for the team. VN left Hanoi on Monday. The trip on December 3 will take the whole team and supporters from Bacolod to Hanoi. Airlines Airlines also co-ordinates with a number of travel companies in Hanoi to develop a package trip, combining travel with travel services to help Vietnamese fans to Philippines to watch the final rounds.


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