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Who helped the owner 8X Vu Thi Hoan to lift a high speed Gie Closure

On November 22, the Standing Committee of the Central Steering Committee of the Anti-Pollution and Standing Committee of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defense Criminal Investigation Agency introduced the Decision to establish Case No. 04 / QD-KTV on "regulation of regulations on land management" under Article 229 of the Criminal Code 2015.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Defense Criminal Investigation Department has prosecuted the defendant's arrest: Cyrnol Tran Trong Tuan, Deputy Director of Hai Thanh Company (Navy) and Vu Thi Hoan Director of Yen Khanh (Yen Khanh) Co., Ltd, director Joint Khanh Yen Stock Company – Ha Thanh receives public attention.

Of those arrested, the name Vu Thi Hoan was noted in particular. 8X is the owner and is called "huge traffic" with a series of BOT projects. Specifically, under the name of Hoan Yen, the Yhan Khanh Company quickly "takes over" the right to raise the Cau Gie fast-track project – Ninh Binh of the Vietnam Highways Development Corporation (VEC). It is worth noting that the Yen Khanh Company fee arrangement is not held through a public offer but signs of contractor appointment through exchange documents between the Ministry of Transport, VEC and Yen Khanh Company. .

Who appoints the contractor?

Specifically, in 2012, to acquire the right to raise fast prices at Closure Gie – Ninh Binh, Vu Thi Hoan (director of Yen Khanh Co., Ltd.) signed the Document No. 84/2012 / CV- NE sent to the Ministry of Transport and Cau Gie – Ninh Binh fees management services are offered to hire highways.

After one month since the proposal of Yen Khanh, former Deputy Minister for Transport Nguyen Hong Truong, signing Document No. 5429 / BGTVT-TC asks the LHB to negotiate directly with investors treated according to their competence. .

After this document, Ms. Vu Thi Hoan continues to sign Document 106 / CV-YK to a Pensions Championship Championship offered to arrange the doll fee for the Cau Gie – Ninh Binh highway project.

"On 24.7.2012 Yen Khanh's company has written documents and plans attached to the proposed LHB to advocate the purchase of a real doll highway project from Van Pap – Cau Gie and Access to fee management services within 12 months to determine revenue as a basis to determine the right to charge the project fees.

On 11/9/2017, VEC published Document No. 2389 / VEC-KHDT which asks Yen Khanh to form an official plan on arranging fees collection, offering measures to deal with assets and personnel for public services. Fees charged by VEC, service fee, payment method, relationship between VEC, VEC O & M …

Based on the above requirements and the requirements of the LHB, the Yen Khanh Company has produced the official plan and intends to arrange the doll fee for the Pap Van transit project – Cau Gie section and other related works. Attached. Dear VEC, consider and make a decision for Yen Khanh's company to manage the project fee for the Cau Gie – Ninh Binh high-speed project.

After that, Mr. Mai Tuan Anh, Chair of the Executive Committee (at that time, LHB Director General) Document No. 2792 to send the Ministry of Transport to sign the contract on fee collection services for the highway construction project. Closure Gie – Ninh Binh for Yen Khanh Company. Here is the operating partner with Thai Son's company of BT projects. Dinh Ngoc Anh numerous, BOT.

He confirmed the letter signed by Mr. Mai Tuan Anh: "Based on the decision of the Ministry of Transport, VEC has organized and transferred the operation and maintenance of the Vietnam Road (VEC O & M) control and operation of 4 stations (Dai Xuyen, Round Vung, Liem Tuyen and Chao Bo) with a total of 266 people. During the VEC operation O & M has worked with Ocean Company to make the fee collection.

Based on the Ministry of Transport's guidance on managing customs collection to reduce indirect costs, improve the efficiency of the investment and offer of Yen Khanh company, VEC has worked and reviewed the company's proposal. Yen Khanh.

Accordingly, in terms of the scope of the work, Yen Khanh will receive and implement the managers and charging arrangements at the Xuyen Housing Services Station, Row Vung, Liem Tuyen, Cao Bo (including the post-test public ). Personnel performance is 231 people. In addition, Yen Khanh will receive the full amount of labor VEC O & M has contracted. Yen Khanh Company will receive a status quo of all doll collection services. "

Dealing with the actions?

It is known that the operating cost of the Yen Khanh company is over 21 billion and has to operate in 1 year. "The VEC has asked the Ministry of Transport to approve the policy of allowing VEC to sign a contract with Yen Khanh Company to maintain the Cau Gie – Ninh Binh Expressway customs service for a year", signed by Mr. Mai Tuan Anh pendant.

However, in fact, Yen Khanh Vu Khanh's company has been charging for up to five years, over a four year period, but no authorities have joined again.

Specifically, in the No. 3770 / VEC collection – VECM dated 21.11.2017 signed by VEC Director General, Tran Van Tam who offered to the Pension Council to terminate the Cau Gie – Ninh Binh high cost contract with Yen Khanh company. O 0h on 1.1.2018. In addition, VEC O & M (VEC subsidiary) was contracted to successfully apply for the customs service.

This conclusion also noted: "From 1.1.2016 to 31.10.2017, 636 errors were identified, mainly inaccurate from an input car, unpaid value worthlessly … In particular, 19.4. 2017, an inspection team has established an inspection team, has found a negative image in charging. Therefore, VEC has had to terminate the contract with Yen Khanh.

The inadequacy of charging fees on Yen Khanh suggests the risk of losing tickets, cards. In addition, the fee system is damaged, declined seriously … so the management fees are difficult.

Although VEC terminated the contract with Yen Khanh's company on 22 November 2017, however, the missing points when Yen Khanh's company with Cau Gie – Ninh Binh's high speed care have not explain. In particular, functional agencies have not investigated errors in designating contractors to pay for Closure Gie – Ninh Binh highways again.

Vu Thi Hoan's sister, Vu Thi Hoa, was a member of the Board of Directors of the Joint Trade and Diet Investment Company (from June, 1977) and grandsons Mr. Dinh Ngoc Co., sentenced before a military head to 10 years imprisonment on charges of office abuse and authority while on duty and 2 years imprisonment on the use of false documents by the organizers.

When building transport work, everyone knows the term "grace salary", a close relative of the Thai Son's company from Mr Dinh Ngoc Tro (Ut's barely) with the company, Yen Khanh. Thai Son and Yen Khanh work very hard in BT and BOT projects. In many projects, Thai Son is the investor, Yen Khanh is the construction contractor and vice versa.

Theo Minh Hieu
Vietnamese people

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