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What will be the regular roadmap for a commuter police arrangement?


What will be the regular roadmap for a commuter police arrangement? - 1

Police force (Artwork).

Currently, a semi-community police force is not strong enough

According to the Ministry of Public Safety report, Article 17 of the Peoples' Public Safety Law 2018 states that the communion police belong to the Police and People's organizational system. The Government will note the construction of valleys and town public safety offices.

Separately, the security and order situation in rural areas has many potential problems, particularly land conflicts and disputes. Drug crime activities, criminal evolutions are complex, some types of crime tend to increase such as human trafficking, bulk drug transport, rape, child pornography, theft of property; Crime using weapons and explosives to cause convictions and against public service executors, disregarding laws of a violent and dangerous nature that occur in many areas.

If it does not stop and fight immediately, suspension from the bottom will affect political stability, social order and security; in the interim, semi-community authority police are currently not strong enough, weak in quality and lack of size.

Through a review of the 6 years of implementation of the policy of a formal police arrangement in key com- munities, security and complex procedures, the local police announced 693 Chief Police Officers, 367 Deputy Chiefs of Communion Police and 230 Kong officers. responsible for Police Force posts.

The regular police undertaking our commissions police titles have performed their roles and tasks well; take steps to tackle the situation and advise the Party's service and Government to resolve conflicts, disputes and causes of safety and order on the ground, and people's sympathies.

"By implementing the regular police arrangement to trial the police force title in the state of Kon Tum, the security and order situation has changed significantly, the number of cases relating to security, t order decreased compared to the same period in 2018 (when no regular commuter force was arranged), was approved and supported by the committee, local authorities and the forces "- quoted t the Ministry of Public Security.

What will be the regular roadmap for a commuter police arrangement? - 2

The Ministry of Public Protection raises the official scheme of commuter police nationwide (Artwork).

Roadmap for organizing regular communion police

The Ministry of Public Security confirmed that the dissemination of the decree identified the need to build a communal police force and regular township, meeting the requirements of ensuring security and order at the current level.

According to the draft decree, the police regularly commissions the police on the ground under the organizational system of the People; act as the core of the movement of the whole population to protect national security; fight against and fight crime and break safety and order laws in the areas on the ground.

In terms of the roadmap for the organization of the regular community police, the draft proposal: For communities that do not have the Communist Police Commander (a civil servant at communist level), due to lack of jobs and other work, the Head of Department Police at area level reported Director of provincial police, decision to appoint and remove the regular police instead.

For key and complex safety and order incentives: The head of the district police advises the chair of the People's Committee at the same level in planning and organizing other working arrangements for heads and deputy heads of commuter police. Commissioning police chiefs and permanent police officers (part-time police forces) to organize and organize the regular police force to take up police officer posts. Completed before 31 December, 2020.

For communities that are not key and complex in terms of safety and order: Based on the security and order of the area, the Director of Public Protection of the province or the city will be directly under Central Government swapping and restructuring. The Chair of the Area People Committee has plans and plans to organize other work for the Head of Communion Police, the Deputy Chief of Communist Police and a Permanent Police Officer (currently part time police) and has policies. to settle suitably, without appointing neighbor police chiefs or commuting deputy police chiefs (public employees at the level of communion) because of lack of jobs or transferring other jobs to organize the regular police to take communion police posts. This will be completed before 31 December, 2021.

In addition, for deputy head of the Communion Police, often police officers can not arrange and arrange other tasks and police officers in the villages, hamlets, villages, hamlets, hamlets, and civil units. Similar residents in communities and townships (non-specialist) continue to carry out the task of safeguarding safety, social order and safety by the Head of Social Security and enjoying the policies and regimes. according to Commune Police Ordinance and documents that lead the action until there are other legal documents.

It has a separate headquarters or workplace

According to the draft, a communion police have their own office or workplace suitable to the socio-economic conditions of each area. The police have a communal facility, which has facilities necessary to carry out their duties in accordance with the law.

The Minister for Public Safety will prescribe standards and norms for equipping methods of working for regular communion police. The State secures funding and facilities for activities, training, retraining, training, operating regimes, policies and other necessary conditions for regular communion police.

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