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What is the only woman accused to declare?


The girl's case was sent to her chicken and was murdered: What was the only woman accused to declare? - 1

Bui Thi Kim Thu in the police office (Photo: VNA) t

Regarding the female case Cao Thi My D. 22 years old, in Team 5, Thanh Hung communion, Dien Bien, class student – fourth year, Nong University, Nguyen Thai University – forced, murder, Co The police made a province Dien Bien prosecuted and arrested 8 prisoners on the act of arrest illegal people, killing people, rape, using illegal drugs and not denying criminals.

Listen to the victim's call for help but "ignore" (!?)

Among the 8 subjects arrested, Bui Van Cong and Bui Thi Kim Thu were evaluated through the investigation as the two most stubborn characters. A husband and wife have many tricks and tactics to deal with the police.

In the investigating agency, Thursday Dec, from the night 30 Tet until dawn on the 3rd day, Thu knew that her husband and her subjects were trapped, raped and raped Cao Thi My D. also that the girl was crying and calling for help (the victim had been tied by the objects and had stuffed her into his mouth), but Junior was still not working interfering with the subjects.

The girl's case was sent to her chicken and was murdered: What was the only woman accused to declare? - 2

Area where female body Cao Thi My D was found.

The top said the evening of the second day of the Lunar New Year when Pham Van Nhiem played the game with the victim in his bedroom, Junior too, "You don't do that in my room!".

Despite knowing that her husband's work was "disgusting" and her relationship with Cao Thi My D., while working with the police, Thu did not deny the violations of the distortion. Apparently, he had dripped, throwing a lot of false messages to deceive the police, making the investigation process long and difficult.

The police said, through the evidence of the subjects, that the documents and the evidence gathered showed that the topics on the 30th of the Lunar New Year were managed and brought with Cao Thi My D. in Bui's house. Van Cong. Here the subjects tied the victim, stuffed nappies in the mouth and took turns playing games exhausted until the night of the 2nd New Year.

The girl's case was sent to her chicken and was murdered: What was the only woman accused to declare? - 3

Police search house Bui Van Cong – this is where the subjects have kept them together to rape D female students.

Every time they use drugs, they play tricks with the victims. In the second day of the New Year, Luong Van Lu, Luong Van Hung and Cam Van Chuong were those who continued to play with the victims although the girl was very weak.

Notably, through the evidence of Thu, the Research Agency conducted a search and grasp of some evidence and concealed remains in Bui Van Cong's house. In particular, the police have had a number of mattresses with rice paper (a type of seat) – material used by seven objects when attacking victims in the living room of the Cong.

According to police investigation documents, February 1 (December 27 of the lunar calendar), Bui Van Kong Vuong Van Hung invited to steal his property and they chose "target" as a beautiful girl helping their families to sell. Chicken in Thanh Muong market. Because that day had come out but had not met the girl, the scheme was transferred to February 4.

About 16h on February 4, Vuong Van Hung went to the market to ask for the purchase of chickens and asked for the telephone number D. In 1840 on the same day, he rang to order 13 hens and asked the girl bring the area to the Poison Hill area. Lap (Dien Bien Phu city).

When the girl arrived, she managed Vuong Van Hung, causing a luster to be taken to the house left. Seeing Vuong Van Hung calls the announcement "the mission has to be completed", Cong Chuan Nhiem. In the abandoned house, three offenders repeatedly took it and then locked the girl in a Kong truck.

Vuong Van Hung then took the victim's motorcycle and some properties went to his uncle's house in the community of Noong Het, Dien Bien area. In the morning of February 5 (the first day of the Lunar New Year), Hung gave his motorcycle on the road running through Noong Luong's communion, Dien Bien District.

On the morning of February 6, Luong Van Hung and Luong Van Lu went to the victim and continued to enforce. During the same day afternoon, when women's health was weakened, the group tried to block the idea.

After Cong and Vuong Van Hung murdered the victims, the whole group went to an unoccupied house in Thanh Nưa commune, Dien Bien District. police.

Tran Thanh

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