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What does VFF say? – 24h football


Saturday, February 23, 2019 10:20 AM (GMT + 7)

Le Hoai Anh, VFF General Secretary, told the news that the Vietnam Football Federation joins Jason Quang Vinh Pendant to wear Vietnamese national teams.

The young player Jason Quang Vinh Pendant recently triggered social networks when he expressed his desire for one day to wear a Vietnamese shirt. On his personal page, the 1997 born player plays for the famous Ligue 2 Association Club, giving sympathy to Vietnam fans while communicating with a mother in Vietnamese.

Invite to France to be 24 times more expensive than Cong Phuong wearing a Vietnamese shirt: What does VFF say? - 1

Jason Pendant (right) plays for FC Sochaux at Ligue 2

"For the time being, I just try to focus on a club level career. I have the ambition to play at Ligue 1. But as I share, Vietnam is part of us. Someday, if Vietnam Telegraph offers, it will be I must definitely consider carefully. "It's very proud," shared Jason Quang Vinh Pendant.

In addition, the professional ability of Jason Quang Vinh Pendant is also highly valued at FC Sochaux. The French dad player and a Vietnamese mother joined the FC Sochaux academy in 2011. In June 2017, the Pendant was the first professional contract and in January 2018, Sochaux was extended to the year. 2020.

At Sochaux, this player is wearing a 23rd jersey and starts the left. The situation of both young Vietnamese-French stars is virtually impractical in Sochaux. In January 2018, the Pendant was also elected "Sochaux" Best Player and Month.

In the 2018-2019 season, Jason Pendant has played 21/25 matches for FC Sochaux at Ligue 2. The 1997-born player was twice called to France U18.

Invite to France to be 24 times more expensive than Cong Phuong wearing a Vietnamese shirt: What does VFF say? - 2

Jason Pendant was called to the French U18 team

Prior to the desire of Jason Quang Vinh Pendant, a large number of fans of Vietnam football expect VFF or Coach Park Hang Here to create opportunities for players to wear all French 18 shirts in Vietnam.

It is even said that VFF has made the first step to invite Jason Quang Vinh Pendant to return to Vietnam properly this year 2019. However, when speaking to us, Mr Le Hoai Anh – General Secretary VFF rejected the above information completely.

He said: "We heard about the player Jason Quang Vinh Pendant through the press. But the issue of expertise is entirely for the training team to decide.

If there is no suggestion of coaches, VFF can not invite players to play to Vietnam. Therefore, the player Jason Quang Vinh Pendant, the information that VFF is connecting to for Vietnam's quiz is not correct. "

The statistics page and the Transposarkt Pendant player valuation cost were valued at 600,000 euros, which equates to 16 billion dollars. This is a very large number compared to Vietnamese players. Remember that Cong Phuong can transfer Transfermarkt only 25,000 euros, which is equal to 1/24 Pendant.

SAO France is 24 times more expensive than Cong Phuong: How talented is it, good value for leavers?

Jason Pendant, the Vietnamese young star is the recent name and interest.

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