Sunday , January 17 2021

Voices of the Ministry of Education and Training 22 degree 8 students are beaten by their teachers | Education

Mr Minh stressed the request: Do not arrange class teachers if it is the same as the press report because this is contrary to teacher morality. Prompt reporting to the Ministry on the above incident and measures for advance treatment 3.4.

In this case, the Ministry of Education and Training continues to understand and direct the whole industry to implement the ethics of teachers who do not seriously breach the direction of the Minister for Education and Training.

The event took place at Long Toan High School, which was discussed with reporters Thanh NienMs Tran Thi Phuong Hien, Head of Education and Training at Ba Ria City, said the Department had a meeting with the School Board and the teachers to beat the students so that they could handle it properly.

According to Ms Hien, morning lesson 29.3, Ms. N.T.T.H, a classroom teacher, the first book of the book with the names of many students causing chaos in the classroom.

Later, class leaders also reported more unruly friends, a total of 22/31 students.

Shortly afterwards, the teacher called them up and used a ruler. "The teacher beat the students and called to let parents know," Ms Hien added.

Ms Hien said: “Because of preparation for the final semester exam, teachers want students to be more active. Ms H. also wants them to focus more so when students cause disorder, they will behave wrongly. I am with the school, Ms H. came to each house to apologize to the parents, ”said Ms Hien.

Ms Hien said that the view of Ba Ria City's Education and Training Department is to remind schools that there is no sort of beat, forcing students to kneel … "If it is hitting more or less wrong", Ms Hien said.

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