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Vo Hoang Yen was touched when he received the miracle & # 39; by Minh Hang

– In Episode 7 The Face broadcast on 18/11, Vo Hoang Yen coach repeatedly did not know how happy it is to welcome back candidates, and now find " magic "when Tuan Kiet is not abolished. program.

The main challenge this time was difficult, there was a need for long energy and a high concentration of warriors. With the viral clip, chuong, Minh Hang team won this episode. In the room, the female coach (the coach) made the decision to surprise the audience.

Minh Hang is a master class trainer. With the introduction and presentation of themes, Minh Hang has given the candidates the experience and skills needed to present the most striking products that they need to advertise. More importantly, Minh Hang brings valuable experience as a brand ambassador.

Trung Where is the best swimming competitor in South Trung. However, along with Tuan Kiet, good swim to be an unexpected difficulty as both competitors have to keep their breath, read well to present the product after completing a long swim. Truong Thanh Long made a great surprise when he did not know how to swim, causing the trainer Minh Hang to speak.

If the majority of female competitors swim and break down, Quynh Anh is the only one who really relaxes and relaxes while performing her challenge. Having won the Minh Hang coach, Quynh Anh won the challenge, taking advantage of the time for the Vo Hoang Yen team in the main challenge behind him.

The Ministry 3 The Facial Trainer
The Ministry 3 The Facial Trainer

Trung Kien - Tuan Kiet
Trung Kien – Tuan Kiet

The Thanh Hang Team used daily cleaning and skincare to create its viral dance. Combining simple and beautiful choreography, the Thanh Hang competitors have conveyed a dynamic youth spirit. For the challenge, four members of the team have round phrases, making the trainer happy. Thu Anh "stripped" became a beautiful girl, in the morning. Lingz keeps up the style with a young, full-energy performance. Mạc Trung Kiên looks a soul by mankind and handsome, strong. Le Nam is the weakest member in the team, but also brings good results.

In this challenge, the Vo Hoang Yen team is under pressure because there are only two candidates. Quynh Anh must perform 3 views continuously. Not enough people, Vo Hoang Yen trainer is dangerous to change the story of the brand, by the group of friends who travel together to the girl's maturity in love. Vo Hoang Yen's team idea and performance can be unique, but not brand new criteria in this episode. Due to the constant change in the scene, Quynh Anh was gradually losing focus and self-esteem, causing the Ho Hoang Yen coach angry, shining in the scene. Tuan Kiet finished well but land is not much, he can not promote his full potential.

With experience and knowledge of the brand, Minh Hang has led the competitors in the best way. Minh Hang's style brings new, young and dynamic. Tram Anh, Nhu My and Truong Thanh Long have made significant progress in this episode, while Bella is still quite awkward and one color. Having inspired by the spirit of love to move, discover and test the youth, Minh Hang has created a funny and unique horse riding to his team.

Having received a lot of praise on the fresh, young, he expressed the desire of the brand, the Minh Hang team won this episode.

In danger of leaving only one candidate, Vo Hoang Yen "broken intestines" to Tuan Kiet to the room because of seeing the ability to go further. Thanh Hang continues to choose Trung Kien against Minh Hang in the ban that Minh Hang did not understand the meaning of the sisters for asking this type of coach or to continue to use Minh Hang's love for Trung Kien to "play way.

In the kind room, Tuan Kiet and Trung Kien did not bring the spirit of fighting "one losing one", the other two boys for each other were extremely "love of love" Minh Hang asked: "Do you & Love each other? " Before that, the program's hot two boys also included each other with the sweet phrases in chapter 6.

When seeing the potential and passion of both faces, Minh Hang made unprecedented decisions in The Face Vietnam 2018: keeping Tuan Kiet and Trung Kien. So, Vo Hoang Yen coach, after so many times do not know how happy it is to welcome candidates back, now dropping tears of happiness. At the same time, the Thanh Hang and Minh Hang emotions are also being enhanced according to the decision to "add friends, smaller enemies" in this chapter.

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