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Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hằng ideas, Minh Hang apologize-Fashion


Monday, 12/11/2018 00:19 AM (GMT + 7)

Vo Hoang Yen to continue to taste the loss to farewell to Tuyet Nhu.

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hien ideas ideas, Minh Hang apologize - 1

The tension between the three teams has not stopped.

In the main challenge of Volume 6 The Face Vietnam (TFVN) 2018, the change from the construction of Thanh Hang makes Vo Hoang Yen that skeptical sisters "imitate" his way of direction. The group's grouping system was randomized in this week's episode, not based on winning in the Master's Class. Team Vo Hoang Yen is the first team to make the challenge, with Thanh Hang and Minh Hang afterwards.

After coach Vo Hoang Yen, the trainer Thanh Hang has changed in the context of Le Nam. The trainer asked the competitor to answer one other question: "Real, real milk" in its performance. It is worth mentioning that during the period when the competitor did its previous challenge without the intervention of the coach, Le Nam did not use this line until Thanh Hang went to the tutorial. This is unintentionally overlap with the performance of Tuan Kiet's competitors in the former Vo Hoang Yen team.

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hien ideas ideas, Minh Hang apologize - 2

Patterns during continuous recording are extinguished.

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hieu ideas, Minh Hang apologize - 3

Thanh Hang is always silent before all situations.

And of course, Vo Hoang Yen said:I do not know whether it is a coincidence or not, but by the time there is a new change Ms. Chang is hard to think. On the other hand, it can be seen that Thanh Hang had changed a great deal of arrangements when it came into the set. From the set, the line to the performance of the competitors, Thanh Hang has the adjustment of it compared to a custom. Thanh Hang said that this is the flexibility, the change to suit the situation in the field. The only way to make the "imitation" is the only inherent, but it can be seen after each other's competitors, between Thanh Hang and Vo Hoang Yen seem to be a hard friction. .

On the Minh Hang side with the abandoned lump sum in the middle of the previous episode, at this time before going to the main challenge, Minh Hang solved his sister Thanh Hang with Vo Hoang Yen active. The trainer also clarifies the reasons for his actions. Minh Hang was dissatisfied with the organizers bringing the United States into the room accidentally, let Thanh Hang see, but now "Ms. Dai" is to be present in her team room, not in the room. Great, where you can see the way to the field.

Idea ideas from Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hanh, Minh Hang, apologize - 4

The story is simpler and simpler when Minh Hang apologizes to his sister when he left voluntarily in the middle.

The video collects the moment left by Minh Hang of the recording.

Minh Hang is not fault than Thanh Hang, just because the production crew is not careful and can not control the emotions themselves, the event is not worth it. Although Minh Hang did not blam his sister, Thanh Hang himself felt that the right act of Minh Hang expresses his suspicion and blame for it. This means that Thanh Hang feels confusing about emotions and sisters between the two. Moreover, Thanh Hang believes that Minh Hang's volunteer vacations make the team wait for an unprofessional act, and it's difficult for Minh Hang to put an example to his / her students. An apology to Minh Hang apology, but Thanh Hang expressed a cold attitude: "Everything has happened to be there, settles slowly"As someone in-house, but perhaps less connected, Vo Hoang Yen answered quietly:Ok " and attention to Minh Hang: "Hang is right!"

Idea ideas from Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hanh, Minh Hang, apologize - 5

Minh Hang decided the persuasive conflicts and said that his sister had no reason for fault now.

Minh Hang, Thanh Hang, does not appoint the internal medication on television

In chapter 5 of The Face, the Hangman couple continue to burn their eyes with high-costed costumes.

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