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Vietnam only Cong Phuong, England Germany fair? -Football


Wednesday, 28/11/2018 00:06 AM (GMT + 7)

Fox Sports Asia has launched its leading AFF Cup team in 2018 and Vietnam has shocked the name of Quang Hai.

2 English goals in the AFF Cup this year (The clip belongs to NextMedia, broadcast on VTC):

Southeast Asia Championship, AFF Cup 2018 The group stage came to an end with a little surprise. The four strong teams in the region – Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines – have surpassed the other six to qualify for the finals. The next round will take place in 4 days and it's time to find the best team in the group stage.

AFF Cup best team: Vietnam only Cong Phuong, England Germany was fair? - 1

Cong Phuong was chosen instead of Quang Hai in the 2018 AFF Fox Sports Sports Cup

Fox Sports Asia has chosen the top 11 players and what happened when Nguyen Quang Hai midfielder had not named. Despite praise for the Hanoi player, but Akshat Mehrish Kong Phuong chose a place of 19 of Vietnam.

In the wooden frame, Hassan Sunny (Singapore) goalkeeper was chosen instead of Deng Van Lam. Although Vietnam's goalkeeper kept a clean leaflet in each of the 4 group camps but Sunny has nine successful breaks in 14 times facing a risk. However, Sunny record did not help Singapore move forward.

Four defendants do not appear any Vietnamese players. Syahmi Safari (Malaysia) was selected to hold the left wing corridor with 173 spectacular shots crossed after only four games and tectonic possession.

Meanwhile, the right back was selected at Korrakot Wiriyaudomsiri (Thailand). Number 24 of Thailand showed the ability to hit the ball well to correct the ball up to 85.7% and had 2 dectonic after playing 360 minutes.

AFF Cup best team: Vietnam only Cong Phuong, England Germany was fair? - 2

Germany has also contributed to 11 best players and the team

Pansa Hemviboon (Thailand) was chosen in the middle of the defense with 17 lobes, 3 interventions and 10 correct breakdown positions. Safuwan Baharudin (Singapore) is the other midfielder in the squad.

Sanrawat Dechmitr (Thailand) and Stephan Schrock (Philippines) and Cong Phuong were selected to try the middle of the field. Fox Sports in Asia appreciated the creativity and the ability to transfer these three players.

It is not surprising that Idlan Talaha (Malaysia) and Adisak Kraisorn (Thailand) are two of the main strikers in the squad. Thailand No. 9 leads the list of "scorer" with eight goals while Talaha always brings important goals to Malaysia.

The remaining site on the line belongs to an Anh Duc attacker of Vietnam with two goals, two dectone. Quang Hai and Dang Van Lam appeared on the backup list along with prominent names such as Supachai Jaided (Thailand), Zaquan Adha (Malaysia) …

The names that make up the best AFF Cup under Fox Sport are worthwhile. However, with many fans, only 2 representatives who contributed Vietnam are considered a little … a little, especially in the defense. Vietnam's phone is the best team in the tournament in the absence of losing any boards, but a name is not honored.

Apart from Quang Hai, only on the backlog of the typical team who is also distressed when the Hanoi club star is a key figure running half the teacher Hangeng teacher Hang Seo.

A team from the 2018 AFF Cup by Fox Sports Asia voted:

AFF Cup best team: Vietnam only Cong Phuong, England Germany was fair? - 3

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