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Vietnam officially became the seventh country through the "Century Agreement" News


This afternoon (November 12), the National Assembly adopted a decision approving the Whole Partnership for a Transnational Partnership (CPTPP) and associated documents at a rate of 100%.

Accordingly, the National Assembly assigns the Government, the Supreme Court of People, the Supreme People Supremeism and relevant organizations and agencies to review the draft law in Appendix 3 and Other legal documents to offer competent agencies to amend, add or publish timely, ensuring the rest of the legal system and map for the implementation of the commitments in the CPTPP Agreement.

The First Minister is responsible for approving and directing relevant agencies and organizations at central and local levels to implement the CPTPP action plan; Attach importance to training human resources to ensure full opportunities and benefits provided by CPTPP, and achieve full opportunities and play in;

At the same time, develop and implement effective measures to prevent and deal with the adverse effects that may arise when operating the CPTPP; To disseminate the timely information and full content of the Agreement to create unity in the awareness and operation of the political system, enterprises and people about Vietnam's participation in the CPTPP Agreement.

The Government directs the concerns of Ministers and the branches to complete the procedures for confirming the CPTP and issuing the time it will come into force on Vietnam.

The National Assembly, Standing Committee of the National Assembly, Nationality Council, National Assembly Committees, delegation of National Assembly deputies and National Assembly deputies, within the scope of their tasks and powers, will oversee the implementation of the This decision.

Earlier, on 2 November, the National Assembly heard the report of the Secretary General and State President on confirming the CPTPP and associated documents.

President Nguyen Phu Trong stressed that the participation and early confirmation of the CPTPP would help Vietnam to demonstrate its strong commitment to comprehensive and comprehensive international renewal and integration; confirming the role and importance of the important geo-political Vietnam in Southeast Asia, as well as Asia-Pacific.

"In particular, in the context of political situation and security in the world and the region is changing rapidly, complicated and unpredictable, participation in CPTPP has helped us improve internal power to respond, It has helped to reinforce an independent, autonomous, multilateral, independent, protection and security situation, diversify and strengthen, "he said.

In addition to favorable conditions, participating in CPTPP also challenges socio-economic challenges, revenue collection, legal framework, organizations, etc. In particular, opening up economic activities, as well as regulations. On labor, transparency and anti-corruption … it requires Vietnam to take the initiative in renewing and perfecting the provisions of the law and establishing control mechanisms to comply with the national agreement. It guarantees stable political and social stability.

According to the Government's explanation, CPTPP can help GDP and Vietnam products increase by 1.32% and 4.04% respectively by 2035. Total imports may also increase 3.8 The lowest export growth rate, the overall impact on the Commercial balance is favorable.

In addition, the FTA with the countries of CPTPP will help to restructure the export market in a more balanced way, improving the autonomy of the economy. Vietnam also has the opportunity to take part in the supply chain established after CPTPP in fact, an important condition for improving the level of economic development, which can take part in cost-effective production steps. more value.

The government also said that CPTPP would create more jobs, raise income and contribute to reducing poverty. According to research by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, CPTPP can help increase the total number of jobs by 20,000 – 26,000 per annum. It is expected to reduce 0.6 million poor people (on a poverty line of 5.5 dollars a day).

However, CPTPP also presents challenges when opening markets in Canada, Mexico and Peru. In terms of goods, pork, chicken is items that can compete with imports due to weak competition. In addition, some products may face difficulties such as paper, steel, automobiles … However, the Government also confirmed that there are many solutions to overcome the challenges.

In the National Assembly's examination report, the majority of delegates approved the need to confirm the CPTPP and believed that this was a comprehensive free trade trade agreement with the greatest commitment ever.

The National Assembly's Investigating Committee also noted that there were still concerns about the level of economic development of our country, with the member countries of the Agreement quite large.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), CMC per head in 2017 of the members of the CPTPP countries is: Australia 56,135 dollars, Singapore 53,880 dollars, Canada 44,773 dollars, New Zealand 41,629 dollars, Japan 38,550 dollars, Brunei 27,893 dollars Chile $ 14,314, Malaysia $ 9,659, Mexico $ 9,249, Perw $ 6,598 to Vietnam $ 2,306.

Accordingly, the External Relations Committee said that, although the Agreement offers many opportunities, together with risks and challenges for trade, service, investment, agriculture, books, intellectual property, labor, information security. Therefore, the Government should closely control the risks, the challenges, take the initiative to respond to it, reduce the negative impact in the implementation process.

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