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Verdict Villarreal vs. Espanyol 18:00 on 3/2 The League 2018/19

As one of the best teams in La Liga years ago, this season Villarreal played very poorly, mainly because they had to nurture Europa League's kid while the forces did not have depth. The upper half position on the current BXH is clearly a big disappointment of the "yellow submarine ship".

Villarreal vs Espanyol 18:00 a.m. and 32nd (La Liga 201819) image
Villarreal vs Espanyol

However, welcome Espanyol at home this round, Villarreal's chance to win 3 points is not small. Although Espanyol is 6 points and 3 points higher than Villarreal, visitors have signs of falling into an emergency with 3 consecutive failures. Those who are gradually defeated push Spas to the bottom of the stalls.

This game, Villarreal receives 3/4, showing that the experts appreciate the "yellow submarine ship". In the context of poor points, poor situation and even bad competition, such TL is clearly high but confirms belief in Villarreal.

Last season, when he was still in a thriving season, Villarreal had also received only 3/4 of the same game as he received Spanish at home. Indeed, Espanyol has a weak psychology often when it is away from home when it loses all of the nearest five rounds.

* 45 previous events, Villarreal won 15 that won Espanyol 11.
* 10 home visits with Espanyol in the nearest home, Villarreal won 5 and won Espanyol once.



* Villarreal: Solo Bruno has been injured and Victor Ruiz is stopped when Alvaro Gonzalez and Morlanes leave the possibility of playing.
* Espanyol: Hernan Perez, Oscar Duarte and Naldo's injury; Marc Roca was banned and David Lopez was not completely fit.

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