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Van Hugo is peaceful when the present love is

– Van Hugo shares her current boyfriend giving her a sense of peace, but in fact you need more time for a new marriage.

MC Hoang Linh apologized, revealing his wife's case to share

MC Hoang Linh: Men are hot, but nothing;

Meeting Van Hugo in a cold afternoon in Hanoi, he gave me a different feeling, not a girl who had a spiritual shock because of a broken wedding. Van is more beautiful, confident. She was laughing in the conversation that I also felt "spreading" the current optimism of this girl.

Van Hugo: "I'll be peaceful when I'm with my girlfriend & # 39;
Van Hugo's daughter is a beautiful, funny girl.

Decided everything in the past

– Do not seem too often before the audience, now is Van Hugo how?

At present, every day I feel very happy, always in my comfortable condition. I believe that my life and work is in a stable and complete way.

At times I am grateful for life, there is a reason to thank. Every day I have new activities and live with them 100%. I live up to the present, and every day is the best.

My life is much more busy than before. I am not a very ambitious person so I'm now looking forward to doing more profitable and nutritious work for my soul. I also learn more about psychology and feel happy that I have illuminated many things in life.

– Does the shock after the divorce make you become an existing person?

That's fine! Everything in the past was the material that formed the best version of it in the present. Previously, I had post-natal depression, mother poisoning. During pregnancy, I had pain in my husband and no one in the last 2 months.

My illness was so pessimistic and I came up with & # 39; deeper. But then I was able to correct and begin to build my positive points.

– Previously, she shared a problem with her health, now she's really?

My health is better than before. Eye disease is inherent and can not be changed. But I also know and love my eyes more and more. I'm often a joke with people that my life is when eyes close eyes or sometimes I do not need to see everything clear. My throat disease is also better because I have reduced the show greatly to look after health. At present, I am only accepting suitable and valuable work for society.

Van Hugo: "I'll be peaceful when I'm with my girlfriend & # 39;
MC girls are happy with her life with her son.

– The present Van Hugo appears to have found peace of mind. What do you think about the artist in flash but also very hidden?

In fact, ordinary people are more hidden, not to mention the artist. Artists are very bad because they always have to fight many, they must always keep the image in front of the public. They can not live livelessly or instinctively, but they have great inspiration and self.

Many international stars drown in drugs because they are so lonely, they are unbalanced and low, they commit suicide. I believe that people always have to deal with their own checks. Each person must balance himself and fight less peacefully.

– How do you make a personal claim to your life?

I focus on the words "Grateful" and "Leave". I have a gratebook, and every day I write that I'm grateful.

At present, I am changing a lot. Earlier, I felt the passing days were meaningless but now it is not. I also learn my son like this and I see it making a lot of progress. I feel that human beings live without gratitude forever that they will not feel the meaning of life.

Tolerance is also important because no-one is a mistake. I learned to forgive myself first, not for others. I enjoyed that with myself but I have not put myself in too much tragedy.

In the small stages of life, we should be responsible and treat people with the most sincere, celebrating all the events that happen in his life. What comes, I see it as a gift, whether the gift is good or bad.

– How do you apply for your forgiveness to survive in the past?

I loved the past, I left them and felt very free. I'm grateful to everyone, even to those who I thought they were their enemy. At some point, I remember that they and those who gave me a lesson to see life is never easy, let me become a best version today.

– What is the relationship between you and your current husband?

Very good! Of course, he has his own family so he can not spend as much time as his son as before. But I can see a good old man every day. My son's birthday last year, he brought a wife and a child to attend. I feel very happy to have a party so civilized. Bin (son of Hugo Hugo) is very happy playing with half a brother and a family, who seats and eats and speaks happily with each other. We have resolved the conflict.

Van Hugo: "I'll be peaceful when I'm with my girlfriend & # 39;
Van Hugo is more beautiful and loves life.

My son always encourages his mother to get married

– Thanh Van is more beautiful, are women just beautiful and loved most while living alone?

The people that I met often said that I was not different from the time "Gold Diary". I also feel lucky not to be too old after so many years. I believe that that is also their favor. The most important thing is that I always unnecessarily feed my soul.

– – Your old husband has new happiness, why are you still on your own now?

I do not know how to answer this question. It's probably not. But I've never been alone. What I am most afraid of is loneliness in its own affairs, just among the crowd, only in a family. But I'm lucky not to fall into such a situation and I feel that I'm in my heart.

But maybe, the fall in the past made me a bit nervous and I was not eager to step again. When saying something, that's still something that stops me unsure. Therefore, I need time to improve myself first so as not to harm others when deciding to get married.

– Have you been in love?

That's fine! I speak only, I'll feel very safe at her side. I believe that someone who is really fond of giving me peace at home. When you have someone who feels uncertain, it's no longer love.

– What about your son, does he know about his relationship with his love?

Bin is my current girlfriend. My son is a sensitive boy, but a happy mother needs.

Van Hugo: "I'll be peaceful when I'm with my girlfriend & # 39;
She needs more time before she goes to the next marriage.

– You're thinking about a wedding in the near future?

My girlfriend now probably has to tell me. But I believe that there is a need for life effort in many aspects, not just love. I think that the charm must be big enough, two people must be extremely serious because the marriage is not playable.

My son always encourages her to get married and I always want to be happy. My father has a family, and now I'm scared I'll miss out. That's what I am most worried about. Love may not be good for your love story. And I always try to reconcile this.

– Are you satisfied with the current life?

I am very satisfied. I always think that there will be something real for me to come, knee and offer me.


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