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Truong Nam Thanh was hosting a marriage party with older generation in the Hanoi-Showbiz life


Friday, 16/11/2018 22:17 PM (GMT + 7)

According to the information on the invitation, the couple's wedding will be held at a five star hotel.

Truong Nam Thanh and the love of business Thu Huyen are starting a public campaign from August, 2017.

Since dating, couples often show pictures that travel around the globe with each other. The City Sai Model does not have a delay to hold hands, crush the pig … love or middle of the full place.

There are some comments that Truw Nam Thanh's publicity, unchallenged by love, is not the most objective evidence of severity in the relationship.

Truong Nam Thanh hosts a wedding party with older women in Hanoi - 1

Zhang Nanping wife more than age.

Recently, the scenes record the wedding model of the male model and wife Hu Thuyen at a Da Nang destination, a curious public opinion. Some information they are about to get married, for a house.

A few minutes ago, Truong Nam Thanh's wedding card image and wife are also revealed and spread a boring social network.

Accordingly, the couple will host a wedding ceremony at a five star hotel in Hanoi, on 18.11. Invites were designed in a simple, luxurious style.

The groom's friend revealed quite a thought, not only sending the invitation that the Truong Nam Thanh message gives details of schedule, accommodation and counseling and all necessary with the guests of Saigon to Hanoi for the wedding. .

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Wedding Ceremony Truong Nam Thanh by Thu Huyen.

Owning good looks and many international titles, Truong Nam Thanh is one of the famous models of Vietnamese showbiz. However, as the career progresses, the boy born in 1991 disappears suddenly from the event.

Taking part in a recent movie premiere, Tru Than Namh confirmed his first marriage with a businessman Thu Huyen publicly and moved to live in Hanoi.

Zhang's wife is older than him, she is married and she has her own children. He did that the 1.82 meter height model was sure to accept the love "chopsticks deviated" because of a rich happy, he wanted to rely on a bit.

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A couple are hands handsome, traveling many places in the world.

Prior to the opposite view, Tru Than Namh confirmed that the original asked for a harmony between two people, beautiful feelings are not important in terms of age, and the words came out to time to answer them all. He also notes the story of the love of French President Macron and his teacher.

To confirm you yourself, but not based on a business woman, a male model said it was showing off a temporary business, building a firm solid foundation. He also revealed, his business is quite favorable.

3 mothers are too hot to make the big business want,

Despite the birth of family and children but the beauty of the 3 showbiz still makes a lot of guns ready to lose money.

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