Tuesday , March 2 2021

Tran Duy Hung is not on the list of 10 suspected sex workers Lao Dong Online LAODONG.VN

Tran Duy Hung has not included in the list of 10 suspected sex workers in Hanoi.

In the press briefing organized by Hanoi Party Committee (27.11), the Social Eviction Prevention Department under the Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs Department has identified the situation of preventing social harm 2018 in the city.

It is worth noting that, according to this report, there are up to 10 suspected sex workers in Hanoi, but not the familiar street of Tran Duy Hung, as many people still say.

Specifically, some famous roads were mentioned such as: Tam Trinh Road (Hoang Mai District); Ba La Junction – near the College of Commerce (Ha Dong area); 70 Tan Trieu Street – Kim Giang Street (Thanh Tri District); Ngoc Hoi Junction (Lien Ninh commune, Thanh Tri district); Nguyen Xien street (Thanh Tri area); Road 21 Area (Dong Yen, Hoa Thach commune, Quoc Oai district); bridge area 72 (Cong Hoa commune, Quoc Oai district); Thuy Fy nghwm (Ba Vi district); Field 32 (Duc Thuong commune, Kim Chung commune, Hoai Duc area).

Phung Quang Thuc's Director of Social Prevention Department responded to the press on November 27. Monday: Thanh Trung

For the reason that Tran Duy Hung Street has not listed on the top 10, Phung Quang Thuc, Director of the Department of Prevention and Social Management (under the Hanoi Department of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs) He had carried out a lot of audiences and heard a lot, but he confirmed the Tran Duy Street Hung "completely the rest".

"In the motel, we do not see staff, guests, nothing, but we now say it's a prostitution, the locals that people do not know," emphasized Thuc.

He added that, although it is possible to have prostitution at Tran Duran's Hung, "it's obviously very difficult to implement it in managing the state."

In addition to the 10 gender workplaces, the report also states that there are 5 places where prostitution is found in public places such as Hong Ha Road; Pham Ngu Lao; Uncle Ho (Hoan Kiem area); Yesin Street – Paster Flower Garden, Nguyen Huy Tu, Tran Khanh Du (Hai Ba Trung District); Gia Phat Bus Station (Hoang May Area); Hoa Binh Park area (North Tu Liem area); Lieu Giai Street (Ba Dinh area). In these 5 areas, suspected sex workers often wait for visitors to ask or travel on a motorcycle.

According to the director of the Department of Social Evils Prevention, prostitution and business organizations are diversified, including the types of hospitality, relaxation, massage, These activities usually involve sexual activity or choose the place ok to buy sex

Hanoi authorities also treated 472 sex workers, 472 of whom were women under the age of 18; 363 people aged between 18 and 35; over 100 people; 8 unknown; domestic sex work 202; The province has 270 people.

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