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Today, Mr Phan Van Vinh and 91 Act Criminals were sought


Neutral, objective

This morning (12/11), the Provincial People's Phu Tho 92 Court of Defendants (85 soldiers) sent the line online trilio online gambling at 6 counts. In particular, Mr. Phan Van Vinh – Former General Lieutenant General, General Director of the General Police Department and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hoa – Former Chief General Officer, Director of the Crime Crime Prevention Department (C50) Misuse the position of the powers under duty.

Four defendants on "Money Laundering" payments include Nguyen Van Duong, Phan Sao Nam, Doan Thi Thu Ha, Phan Thu Huong; 10 defendants are accused of "trading illegal invoices"; 44 cases of "gaming"; 40 cases were prosecuted for "organized gaming"; One person was raised with "using the internet to commit suicides."

There are more than 30 attorneys, 14 witnesses, 73 individuals or legal entities, including Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone. and one additional judge, two jurors, two other secretaries; four officials of the People's Proof of the Province of Phu Tho exercise the right to prosecute and judicial control … Approximately 500 police forces were removed to ensure security and order.

The leaders of the Phu Tho People's Court said this was a big case, there are many defendants, including some people with qualifications, education, high status. So, the Panel has focused on studying the file to explain the circumstances, conduct the test well and objectively handle the case.

In addition, the Panel will only comply with the law, but will not be subject to any other effect to give the opinion or decision independently, to make sure the right people, the crime …

Use a company to gambling

According to the prosecution, in 2011, Phan Van Vinh, meeting Nguyen Van Duong, who established Major General Nguyen Thanh Hoa CNC – Company for the C50. In 2015, Phan Sao Nam proposed that the online casino software be approved on online casino games in the form of card games, can convert real money to "virtual" money through the scrapbook phone and to & The opposite. .

Nguyen Van Duong referred to as domain names lease, registered brand messages, a construction pay portal associated with HomeDirect Cay, VNPT EPAY Co., Ngan Luong Company … to implement, control output sales of gaming, profit, profit more than 1,655 billion. This sum, Mr. Duong Khai C50 software worth $ 30,000, given 850 million; for Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoa 22 billion; For Mr Phan Van Vinh 27 billion and more than 1.7 million …

Today, Mr. Phan Van Vinh and 91 fellow defendants

[Infographics] Last morning, Phan Van Vinh and 91 defendants will go to court

On November 12, the Provincial People's Court of Phu Tho opened the pre-ex-trial of Phan Van Vinh and 91 defendants in the drill line. O 92 prosecuted in the trial "triliwn gambling" on November 12, 85 defendants were released on bail. Phu Tho Provincial People's Court has co-ordinated with relevant agencies and has a plan to escort the defendants fully to the court.

Phan Sao Defynnydd plays the role of the supervisor of the group of VTC Online Company companies and Nam Viet Company operates gambling-run games, earning more than 1,475 billion. With money, Mr. moved For through many media steps to send savings, investment projects, buy houses … to "wash" the money because of crime. So far, the accused has transferred almost 800 billion, 2 houses, 5 cars …

In total, after 28 months of implementing a software and software solution program that integrates card games, the defendants built a system of 25 first class agents; 5,877 second level agents to provide real-time virtual conversion services. The system has attracted almost 43 million accounts that are participating in online gaming, a profit of more than 9,853 billion.

In particular, the network has benefited from more than 1,232 billion by placing telephone cards including Viettel more than 913 billion, Vinaphone is more than 147 billion, Mobifone is more than 171 billion. According to the prosecution agency, operators have the right to deduct tax and discount money from their agents before they can make a profit.

Two ordinary police "keep" gaming

The defendants named Phan Van Vinh, Nguyen Thanh Hoa, played an important role in the survival gaming game by Nguyen Van Duong and his companions. The behavior of both police chiefs has signs of protection, accepting the exhibition where Mr Vinh has a leading role, Mr Hoa is an active practitioner.

In particular, Mr. Vinh has recognized CNC as the left panel company and the company rents the General Police Department's headquarters to implement gaming games. When the hidden gaming activity was discovered, the Public Protection Ministry requested the report, but General Lieutenant Phan Van Vinh did not comply. After reminding, Mr. Vinh false statements deliberately at the same time asking the MIC to license the company's CNC gaming games.

Similarly, Nguyen Thanh Hoa has asked the company to rent a headquarters in the General Police Department to prevent divisions or other agencies to check and handle Nguyen Van Duong. Also, Mr. Hoa is dishonest to the Public Security Ministry about CNC's hidden gaming, which seriously affects the police force.

Both defendants argued that their behavior was to generate revenue: "the service of building a national defense system for offenses is a strategic task of the High Crime Police Department." . However, the CNC Foundation has gambling for more than 2 years, almost 10,000 billion but only for C50 700 million and anti-virus software.

According to the investigation, Mr. Phan Van Vinh, tens of millions of VND, Nguyen Van Duong, are receiving a tin shirt, the liver and Duong support 1.1 billion for exchange programs. charity; Alcohol in some of the General Police Department's admission. Duong made his deposit, when coming to the General Police Department, Duong brought alcohol to a total of around 10 billion.

Researchers believe there is not enough reason to confirm that Vinh, Hoa enjoys personal benefits in the case, the behavior of two people who abuse the position of the authority at duty. Evidence of Nguyen Van Duong and the crimes of some other institutions will be further explained to deal with the later stages of the case.

The body also investigated a number of officials in the public safety sector identified in connection with Mr. Phan Van Vinh, Nguyen Thanh Hoa but not the amount of recommended criminal treatment. The Public Protection Ministry must consider and treat in accordance with Plaid and host regulations. Procuratorate of the People from the Province of Phu Tho agreed on this view.

On 10 November, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, Head of the Central Pollution Steering Committee, asked the relevant authorities to strive for better co-ordination and better efforts. By the end of 2018, 8 cases will be investigated; Announcement of the charge of prosecuting 3 cases; Trial for two first cases; 5 appeals hearings; Final check of 33 cases as intended. In particular, there is a need to focus on leading the completion of a strict ruling, in accordance with the law, a number of cases, including the case "Use the Internet to commit the deed of setting a property", "Sorting gaming "," Gamblo "," trading bills "," money laundering "and" misuse situation and duty-related powers "in Phu Tho and some areas.

According to the investigation, Mr. Phan Van Vinh, tens of millions of VND, Nguyen Van Duong, are receiving a tin shirt, the liver and Duong support 1.1 billion for exchange programs. charity; Alcohol in some of the General Police Department's admission. Duong made his deposit, when coming to the General Police Department, Duong brought alcohol to a total of around 10 billion.

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