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To answer the "Santa real" question, Hai Duong's 3rd girls won the UPU International Letter Writing Competition


According to the 47th UPU International Letter Writing Competition (2018), Vietnam representative Nguyen Thi Bach Duong (grade 8A, junior high school Nguyen Trai, Nam Sach district, Hai Duong province) 3rd prize with letter "Santa Claus is not real"?

Competition this year's competition is as follows: "Imagine you are a letter traveling through time. What do you want to send something to the reader?", BTC has won 1 first prize, 1st prize, 1 Announcement 3 and 5 prize awards in A total of over 60 letters from students worldwide.

Aries chose to transform into a real letter written by American newspaper, The Sun, to an 8-year-old reader on the question, "Is Santa Claus real?"

Answer the question Santa Claus is real, the Hai Duong women won the 3rd prize in the UPU International Letter Writing Competition - Monday 1.

Aries in the UPU Vietnamese Letter Writing Competition

Answer the question Santa Claus is real, the women of Hai Duong won the 3rd prize in the UPU letterwriting competition - Monday 2.

On May 11th, the UUUUUU International Letter Writing Competition Board in Vietnam awarded the first prize for Bach Duong who sent this letter to the international community.

Nguyen Trai Junior High School, which Duong is studying, three years ago, won the Nguyen Thu Trang (class 9B) competitor for the 45th National AQA and International Gold Medal.

Include Aries letter

"Somewhere, Christmas night in 2017

"Bell bells, jingle bells, tie through the road!"

The Christmas music is busy and I'm here to write this letter to you.

Present me as the letter written by the editor Francis Pharcellus, The Sun in the United States to the child of Virginia O. Hanlon for the question "Santa does not real"? Nobody has ever seen Santa. But that does not mean that Santa Claus is not real … Santa Claus exists to ensure that love and compassion exist … 10 years, 100 years or 10 thousand years later, Santa Claus is still a miracle of Christmas … ".

Do you remember me? Since 1897, over the centuries, I have lived in the book pages, newspapers, posters, pictures and in a great man's love. Every Christmas, the Sun has put me on the front page seriously. So, without the magic wings, I always attend life, traveling through space and time.

But even if I'm rooting millions of people, there are people who do not believe and do not want children to believe that Santa Claus is real – are you in it? I do not explain more. I would like to tell you about Santa Claus's letters to children around the world.

You know? There are exciting dreams like this: "… Mom said Daddy was working in the paradise of Santa, I'll ask your dad to take it to the swim," "I want to get a day laughing … because I have cerebral palsy and have narrow legs, "" I like dolls, but you give me a ball so that both sisters can play with & # 39 ; one as we never have toys "…

Children who are illiterate and when they hear about Santa have sent: "He told me who my mother is, where my family, I want to go home, want to go to school …". There are also children in the barren wire fence in the refugee camp: "… put us hamburger in the morning, for seven months, you do not know barbecue and day aroma. Choose bread on the land … ". A common child sitting in the rubble to test the death of loved ones, despair: "Santa, if it is true, then I give up the war and clean blood on land. … ".

Well, hunger, suffering, loss, children do not dream. Children's dreams tell us about the world of the soul in the crystal as life, but not many, suffer. Any child's dream is beautiful, which is worth the same respect. And Santa Claus is the miracle that helps them make dreams that adults do not. This is also the place where the children are unhappy. Do not take them away!

And if someday the children discover that Santa Claus is not a miracle whatsoever, their parents, the postman … No problem! That is again another opportunity for love! Mum, dad, worker … who had to wear in red clothes, with a white beard, giving gifts in the fireplace. Strangely, Santa Claus is very close and very interesting! When we give a girl to sell Christmas Eve lottery tickets, does his fellow pupils bring a toy car to their friend with the reason "Your home chimney does not come, Santa did not Claus in is ". A baby saves homeless shade, a 2-year-old tier friend to help cancer patients, humanitarian organizations, thousands of young volunteers … Is not Santa Claus really real in this life? Who the children trust to send dreams, which bring children joy, who love children … then they are their Santa!

However, this land is great, love, kindness and how much it can not fill up. Who will be the Santa Claus of the children who turn, unliterate, hungry, assembled each other in the street corner? Who will bring miracles to the unemployed children, when the house was swept after the storm? The child does not have childhood innocent and does not know what the future will be when bombs, losses and refugees from their homeland are surrounded … Will Christmas really be?

And now you see, regardless of who you are, where you are, where your status, if you have a child next to you, becomes their Santa!

My humanity's future is in the hands of those who are now children. A great man, a famous CEO, a power politician, even a terrorist, an unknown person or a character in the hands of the fate of mankind as a child. If every child is nourished enough loving, innocent and encouraging, does this world have war, power, emotion, greed or injustice?


The letter came from the 19th century.

UPU International Writing Competition or International Letter for Young People Writing Competition is a competition for writing literary work in the form of a letter co-ordinated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNICEF) International Union of Jobs and Telecommunications (UPU) and Other specialist organizations (subject to an annual theme) held annually for young people around the world. for 47 years (from 1971 to 2018). This is considered to be the first competition for young people (under 16) with the longest and largest in the world (up to this point); It is also considered in the most prestigious and stringent competition held in all internationally-held (education-based) international competition.

According to Hai Nam


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