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Tired of living with her husband and her sister

Before marrying, Lan was afraid to live in her husband's home every day, fearing her mother-in-law and her mother-in-law. Until she enjoyed the love of Thanh-Lan, she decided that her longer life was not comfortable because she had to live with her husband's house.

But fortunately, Lan's mother law is quite easy, unlike what she feared. In the early days as a bride, she was always very loving and told only to her daughter-in-law.

However, to avoid the horrible mother-in-law, Lan was caught up in her husband's sister. Huong's sister in law – Lan 3 years older than her but not married. On the outside, Huong looked tenderly and looked good, and said a little. However, if we live in the same place, we can see it, but it looks like that.

Tired of life with my husband's sister - 1

In front of Lan's husband and her parents-in-law, Huong seems to be close at all times, just telling Lan about doing a little housework, which should be light and which ones need them darkened. But immediately after that, she was uncomfortable, sometimes Lan asked Huong not to answer.

It must be said, since Lan's day as a bride, that her husband has always washed and dried clothes, washing dishes for her sister-in-law.

When Lan was elected, all the housework, from cooking rice to cleaning the toilet, came to Lan's hand. Second month of pregnancy, due to too much illness in the morning, Lan urged in the living room that Huong was vomiting up, the uncle's uncle, who was unaware, was so dirty that Lan was upset.

So Huong used to borrow items from his sister-in-law to use, especially dresses and clothes. However, Lan asked her husband in a small day: "Sister, do you still need my red dress? Mai summed up the agency that everyone must wear red."

So Huong's face was very sad, calling on Lan to miss him and dumping it unfairly because she did not borrow her sister-in-law's dress. At the dinner, Huong said in front of her parents-in-law and Lan that "told me nothing", had a dress that also counted with her husband.

Lan was so warm, Huong said: "Don't lose my mind. When I gave it to her, she tried and told me to loosen it a bit to fit her." Waiting for that, Huong screamed Lan as a sister-in- a great law, which would live in this house, causing her parents and her husband to try to calm him down and give up to each other.

Since that debate, Lan feels that the family atmosphere is time. Every day, he returned home from work, he did not want to go home to meet her husband. She felt very depressed, very tired. Lan's heart never believed that her life was so dark that she met her husband. She was amazed, life was a lot of pressure and anxiety, why women did not live selfless, simple, but they had to cause more suffering to each other.

So it's better to live with each other … t

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