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There were collections about the health of female students being beaten by the council in Hung Yen

– This afternoon, H.Y's female students were re-examined after 4 days of treatment at the Psychiatric Psychiatric Hospital in the province of Hung Yen.

Dr Nguyen Van Tinh, Director of Hung Yen Psychiatric Hospital said that NTHY, 9th class student at Phu Ung High School, Phu Ung Commune, Yi Province, Hung Yen Province, had been transported to hospital on the afternoon of 28th. / 3 in a panic condition, anxiety.

The family said she had taken her daughter to a private clinic when she was Y. However, after going home to take medication prescribed by doctors, Y. was still getting head with signs of anxiety and worry, so he went back to the provincial hospital to re-examine.

There were collections about the health of female students being beaten by the council in Hung Yen
H.Y's female students treat BV. Photo: T.C

After the examination, along with patients' history, psychiatrist BV Hung Yen came to the conclusion that Y. was suffering from a severe stress response, and was reported to be undergoing hospital treatment.

The new patient has psychotherapy and combined medication, improving their physical condition over the last 4 days.

By this afternoon, Dr Tinh said, Y., which was psychological tests of anxiety, re-examined depression, improved the results very well when the indicators were at normal levels, he improved well, stable psychology, t Good integration, good sleep and sleep, casual contact.

This morning, the patient went Y. with the canteens from the hospital to buy noodles for their two grandchildren to eat.

According to Dr. Tinh, with acute stress, patients can completely improve after treatment. It is expected that Mr Y will be discharged from the hospital during the next 1-2 days. Mr Y shared the desire to go home to rest and continue to go to school.

March 22, female student N.T.H.Y. he was beaten by 5 female students at the same school, taking out clothes and filming them in the classroom causing public anger.

With regard to the case, the Department of Education and Training Hung Yen said it will transfer the home teachers and stop the head of Phu Ung High School to serve the investigation, the verification and the recovery work.

Hung Yen's provincial police were also ordered to liaise with the Thi area police to investigate the earliest collection.

Thuy Hanh

Clothing in the classroom removed to prevent female female headmaster Hung Yen "height" = 101

Hung Yen's school head teacher was suspended from clothes in the classroom

The authorities have suspended the head teacher for 15 days, stopping the gay teacher from the end of the school year because Hung Yen's female student is beaten by the council.

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