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The young teacher reports the sad relationship with his wife

Thursday, 29/11/2018 15:30 PM (GMT + 7)

A newly graduated secondary school teacher with a post-graduate doctoral degree has given birth to his / her son without knowing that he is legally married.

A young teacher talks about a sad love story with a lot of a woman's doctor - 1

Bac Lieu University where Dr. Nguyen Van Thinh is a lecturer

As expected today (November 29), the Lieutenant City People's Court will open a trial trial accused Nguyen Van Thinh – PhD, university lecturer – for fictitious wedding papers to live and have children with many women.

According to the indictment of the People of Bac Lieu City Profession, Nguyen Van Thinh was prosecuted for "falsifying seals, agency documents and organizations" as set out in Item 1 of Article 267 of the 1999 Penalty Code and amending song in 2009.

According to the indictment of the Lieu City Bac People Committee, in 2001, Nguyen Van Thinh and LNT attended the Ward People's Committee 7, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province to register their marriage, two children are prevalent … In 2009, marriage life between two people has conflicts leading to separation.

At the beginning of 2011, Thinh was introduced to his friend N.T.P.T (SN 1988, resident in Duc Anh's city, Phu Hung commune, Cai Nuoc district, Ca Mau province). During the recognition, Thinh has not given false information with N.T.P.T is still married, single. N.T.P.T. Indeed, he decided to live with Thinh as a husband and wife and a common child.

About April 2011, the wedding ceremony of Thinh and N.T.P.T in T house according to traditional habits. After the wedding, the family of N.T.P.T Thinh applied to register a marriage.

I can not apply for a marriage license. Thinh Tran Thanh Bao (taxi driver at Cao Lanh bus station), is a fake marital status certificate (single paper) with the price of 2 million.

On June 21, 2011, Thinh used this certificate along with N.T.P.T to the People's Committee of Phu Hung commune, the Cai Nuoc area, a marriage of the Ca Mau province was registered. Thinh uses this marriage certificate to register her child's birth with N.T.P.T.

While living with N.T.P.T, Thinh continued to have a relationship as a couple with T.C.D (SN 1990). N.T.P.T Find and decide to divide Thinh.

Error errors

Back to discover, when meeting Mr Thinh, N.T.P.T is a new young teacher graduate music. They knew each other in early 2011.

Regarding the relationship with Mr. Thinh, NTP T said: "When they come together, Mr. Thinh presents himself. He called and told me to talk to a mother. But she was talking in in the middle of the country is a bit difficult to hear. I have not met her again. "

According to teacher NTP T, the marriage between her and Mr Thinh, her family, her relatives do not attend: "When the marriage, Thinh's parents said, you're back to Gathadeg Ganolog's homeland late, do not to attend. Then I was pregnant, do not go to the countryside of Thinh.

Recently, Nguyen Van Thinh made white to Bac Lieu City's law enforcement agency. Thinh said he had separated from his first wife, not in love, so he became familiar with many people and "I do not cheat and cheat anyone who they love voluntarily".

In response to the Thinh statement, NTP teacher T said: "My only mother, a woman raised me. Born and raised in such a family, I mastered my life. know that Mr Thinh has a legitimate family, how can I fall into a trap? I know that I was wrong but I said that Thinh's high school who lost his right.

Welcome the sadness of the real world

According to the fragment of the Bac Lieu City People's Committee, after a divorce by the NTP T teacher, Thinh lived as husband and wife with TCD in group 2, Ward 7, Bac Lieu City and had a common child (born in 2014) . ). Later, Th.C.D has found that Thinh's legal family has terminated this relationship with Thinh.

I do not want to repeat the sad memories, but T.C.D can not avoid the urgency to hear that Thinh has said that the girls came to him voluntarily.

"Thinh said that women who volunteered to get children with him were fraudulent," said T.C.D, a poor student, orphan who was chased by Thinh.

According to discovering, the time when a student Thinh, T.C.D was a student at Bac Lieu University. Mr TV S said, TC uncle says: "My niece is for very early orphans, there are seven brothers. TC D learned well on a small pass, getting a scholarship. My dad was making mistakes, giving birth to a child when who was at college, had to send his children to pick up children, went to study and work far away. "

Mrs. said T. C. T-sister D: "Knowing that Thinh has a family, my brother comes into contact, he does not want to talk about, welcomes the sadness of the real world."

Mr Le Van Duong, former president of Bac Lieu University College (Bac Lieu University now), said Thinh's case: "Scientist, lecturer, has a kind of type. Being a teacher is unacceptable. Bac University should handle the mirror strictly to relieve teachers on the lecture hall "

Unexpected doctorate, mockery faculty papers for multiple women

Dr. complained Lecturer Bac Lieu University University Nguyen Van Thinh, CSIT, Bac Lieu City People's Committee.

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