Sunday , July 3 2022

The young man in the West brought a gun to the people 's house


Violently, a woman came into a ward owed to her mother with a late payment to her, a Namin Long Vault brought a gun to her home to face.

Nguyen Hoai Nam in the police office. Picture: The Binh

Nguyen Hoai Nam in the police office. Picture: Binh.

Nguyen Hoai Nam (26 years old) invited a 17-year-old girl (from Dong Thuan ward, Binh Minh town, Vinh Long province) to bring home guns to break a 42-year-old woman's glass early in the morning. 5.

Building a metal ward, the landlord panicked and informed the authorities.

When being offered a job by the police, Nam admitted, because his father was owed to his mother, but he was late, he had fired into the house to warn him.

The police visited the home, 32 bullets, 187 bullets, 6 warheads and some related exhibits.


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