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The surface value is 200 VND, 500 VND, and the hawker is also criticized … t


Money named 200 VND, 500 VND, to the claimant's sister also ... criticism - Picture 1.

Silver types, VND 200 denominations and 500 VND are often rejected when paying (other than supermarkets), although they are still valid for distribution – Photo: THANH DAM

Buy a 27,000 VND fruit box in a trolley selling fruit on Vo Thi Sau Street (Class 3, Ho Chi Minh City), Ms Thu Hang pays 1 piece of bar worth VND 20,000, 1 sheet of 5,000 VND, 1 sheet of VND 1,000 and 2 sheets of par value of 500 VND.

However, he was very surprised when the fruit seller gave back two thousand dollars on the accusation that "this money is now empty."

Because of the change in money, Ms. Hang out a 500,000 VND bill out, but the fruit seller said there was no change to rot and agreed to give 1,000 VND to their debt when it was possible to pass past and to give, but not to receive t two sheets of par VND 500.

"I was very surprised when I went to a supermarket or paid for the bus, they were still getting them," said Thu Hang.

Likewise, Mr Hoang (Binh Thanh) said that, during his recent trip to Hoi, when he paid for a hawker's food, he was also rejected by the seller to accept 500 VND bills for the same reason "now. more ".

"I thought that 200 VND amount was hard to use, but I didn't expect the 500 VND to be rejected" – Mr. reported. Hoang.

Youth Recognition shows that supermarkets are still receiving money in 200 VND 200, VND 500 denominations and reimbursing their customers with these denominations, but many customers return 200 VND for the reason that it does not "come". back is not used either. In the traditional markets, accepting or rejecting a 500-dollar bill depends on every small business.

Ms H., a small trader in Tan Dinh market (Class 1), said she was still receiving a par value of 500 VND from the buyers but mainly to go to the supermarket but had to turn back when many customers did not accept it. "They said they couldn't use it, so they did not dare rot" – said Ms. H.

Previously, many years of coins were turned away even though they were still being distributed. Ms Thanh Van (Tan Binh) said she had a box of coins at home, but only to make memories but to buy goods but pay with coins shaking the head with the excuse: now I am; n still use coins!

Talk to Youth, Ms. Le Thi Thanh Hang, deputy director of the State Bank of Ho Chi Minh City, confirmed that coins, 200 VND money and 500 VND are still being distributed, and advised people to receive the rotten papers. there was a 200 or 500 VND surface value, then collected to go to the supermarket.

As with coins, according to Ms. Hang, banks are still spending but mainly for units with vending machines as they are no longer widely used for many reasons.

"The unit is needed, the bank still pays out, but the point is not to force people to choose," said Hang.

He will announce a new cotton denomination with small denominationsHe will announce a new cotton denomination with small denominations

To ensure adequate funding in circulation, especially during Dinh Hoi Tet vacations, the State Bank will print new types of par-value cotton notes from 5,000 dong or less. The plan to add coins is temporarily set aside, as the cost of the team is too high. Governor Le Duc Thuy said that this information was in the afternoon of 10-1.

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