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The spirit of the new car box, the fan reminded the legendary yellow sandals

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 13:25 PM (GMT + 7)

Male MCs of farmers recently share photos of new cars.

On 27/11, MC Quyen Linh unexpectedly shared his personal page that he was buying cars.

Spirit of the new box, the fan reminiscents the legendary yellow sandals - 1

Spirit's image shows the new car together with sharing the decision to buy a car

Previously, Quyen Linh owns a Mercedes 6 billion pond. With the new car, Quyen Linh received many congratulations from friends and supporters.

Immediately under dividing the ruling, actor Thanh Binh beautiful comment: "So you have six cars! Other Vietnamese stars such as Truong Quynh Anh, Pham Linh, Ho Le Thu, Le Tuan Anh, Van Dung, Quang Minh greetings and messages to Quyen Linh: "Every day to go"

In the meantime, fans pay special attention to MC men's dress when buying new cars. Nguyen Fy Nguyen said: "He looks young and beautiful too! Today he saw his shoes, every day he saw wearing sweet sandals.

Lu Thi Thuy Van also noted: "You are wearing shoes now! You have to bring honey color sandals here to taste well." You have the row: Rosa Ding wrote: "Run the bee sandals."

The spirit of the new box, the fan reminded the legendary honey sandals - 2

Previously, Quyen Linh has posted photos of Mercedes cars but still retains the usual practice with honey and boiled banana slippers

Some netizens have also told Quyen Linh when giving up to the previous Mercedes. "I can buy this one, and the one you put some bananas in. Give that one", "I have a new car and then sell my Mercedes S550. ". in the comment of MC fans jokingly men.

New box car box boxing spirit, reminder fan and legendary honey sandals - 3

A simple language on the car to a billion

MC Linh Doi Linh and the love story with the biggest showbiz

Many people are curious about the woman who made the Spirit change from personality to life.

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