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The results of the Under 23 Asian qualifier: Australia won the rescue ticket; Sports first


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In Table I, Japan U23 pressed Ua Myanmar U23 with a 7-0 score and won the top. Meanwhile, U23 Myanmar fell temporarily to the penultimate position of the second place teams with 3 points and 0 differences.

20:00: The second largest competitive game in Group K between U23 Vietnam and Thailand U23 begins.

In the first game in Group I, Japan U23 leads U23 Myanmar 5-0 after the first half.

In the early match between Group K this afternoon, Indonesia defeated U23 Brunei U23 with the score 2-1 and kept third place. Therefore, the results of U23 Vietnamese and U23 Brunei will not be counted if we return to second place.

The U23 Asian qualifier: Australia won the rescue ticket; first - picture 1The second group of the latest qualifiers graduated under U23 in 2015

The game decided in Group H between U23 South Korea and U23 Australia ended with a 2-2 draw. This result helps South Korea U23 to continue with the top of the table, while U23 Australia also won the "rescue" first. In the position of second place teams, U23 Australia leads with 4 points and offsets.

The U23 Asian qualifier: Australia won the rescue ticket; first - picture 2Result, set table H

In the game ended, Singapore U23 defeated U23 U23 with a score of 3-1, overcoming U23 Hong Kong to take second place in Group G with 5 points. However, this result is not enough for Singapore U23 to compete for rescue tickets. They were abolished and Hong Kong U23 officially.

The U23 Asian qualifier: Australia won the rescue ticket; first - picture 3Result, table G positions

17:00, the game in Group H between U23 Korea and U23 Australia begins.

The results of the U23 Asian competitor: Australia won the ticket; first - picture 4Listing the second place teams in the Asian U23 2020 match by 16:30 on March 26.

The first game came in the final game for former U23 Asian tournament between Korea U23 and Hong Kong U23 in Group G with a 2-0 win for Korea. This result means North Korea officially won the top rank and won the first ticket to the finals, though Hong Kong U23 has almost been eliminated.

In this group, Singapore U23 can rise to second place if they win against U23 Mongolia. However, Singapore U23 is still being removed because it has only accumulated 2 points after deducting achievements for Mongolia.

U23 Hong Kong will only have a chance if U23 Mongolia beats Singapore U23. Meanwhile, Hong Kong U23 has just kept the second place in the table, having won 1-0 Mongolia in the race to win tickets. However, their chance in this case is also very fragile with 3 points and -1 differences.

The U23 Asian qualifier: Australia and won the ticket; first - picture 5Results, schedule and table G table

The current U23 Vietnam is lower than the Changzhou generation?

Compared with the generation used to make a U23 Asian tournament in Changzhou at the beginning of last year, the current U23 team in Vietnam has a better body shape, but its ability is not & t Its professional experience is equal. That's Hang Hang Park's comment about the students.

Brunei will help U23 Vietnam if she can

If you can beat Indonesia players in the series of downplaying Group K in My Dinh this afternoon, Brunei U23 will help Park Hang Seo coach and coach with a big advantage in the race to win U23 2020 Asian Finals.

To get a direct ticket to the U23 2020 Asian Finals, U23 Vietnam must defeat U23 Thailand in the 20:00 match today at My Dinh yard. If you lose or lose, Hang Hang Park teachers and teachers must wait for the results of the games in the top 10 boards to know if they will win a ticket.

In this case, U23 Thailand will win K Group top and the top 5 teams in the board with the tickets to attend the final. According to the regulations of the Asian Football Federation (AFC), the second place will not count the results for the team at the bottom of that group.

The finalists of the under 23s in 2020 of 11 groups will be spread out tonight, starting from the game between Korea U23 and Hong Kong U23 (Group G) at 12:00 am to # 39; r games. between Qatar U23 and U23 Oman, Palestine U23 and Bahrain U23 at 23:00, and ended with the battle of Saudi Arabia-UAE on 00h25 on 27 March.

Tien Phong Electronic Newspaper will update games related directly to the chance to win tickets from U23 Vietnam continuously. Watch.

The results of the Asian Under 23's: Australia won the ticket; first - picture 11The schedule of games is linked to the fate of U23 Vietnam


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