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The response of the girlfriend Quang Hai after the incident was misunderstood and worn to the temple


In 2018, a hot girl Nhat Le – a girlfriend Quang Hai had to face many rumors criticizing her advertise on her personal page, and when she was criticized she was less beautiful than her. other players. In addition, she also caught up with rumors to farewell Quang Hai or had a vocal screening when she released her first MV …

banned quang hai 34.jpg

He made the picture with "Flattening" Nhat status to cause them to harm.

By joining 2019, the storm rises again when she recently became the focus of nets when traveling at Trang An, Bai Dinh (Ninh Binh). Nhat received a mixed response because the costume picture appeared in the first round.

During the spring trip, Nhat showed sexually and sexually wearing the status line: "See".

Immediately, many servants attributed him to wear costumes at the temple ceremony and release heavy comments.

nhat with 5.jpg

Nhat To put on a thin coat.

nhat with 4.jpg

In another picture, she's wearing a life jacket and makes it cute.

However, there are also many defenders who defended him: "Wear like that, but you have a fabric shortage. Do not understand how your fashion sense is," … and think that, take some tips. Two felt outside Nhat And still wearing a thin coat that was firm enough.

nhat with 5.jpg

Japanese lunar picture is more welcoming.

And many people realize that this is the image on the spring road Nhat Le. When he entered the holy place, she was wearing more serious and sincere.

Nhat Le seems to have looked pretty much at him recently. The Tet holiday picture was also discussed a few days ago due to the disclosure of the waist.


The image of Nhat spring travel To seem innocent has also caused her to be heard by netters.

Since he is famous for being a love of Quang Hai, Nhat Le's life has changed more or less, the dress is either closed or exposed, beautiful or bad It is also checked and reviewed.

In view of conflicts, Nhat Le had no reaction rather than double comments as previous work.

Prior to the waves on social networks, most recently, Nhat Le has posted a sexy 2-wire shirt clip comfortably, confidently depicting lips "Like rumors" or posting cool pictures confidently.

mac ho .jpg

Nhat Le seems to have neglected private private surveys after several times receiving mixed comments from feeders.

You have two 3.jpg

Nhat claimed to be a "cold" figure.

Looking back in the last year, Nhat Le said: "Thank you for what you've been trying to do in the past year, it may not be great, but we have a long time to continue but what do you fear?

Thanks for the places that have come over the last 12 months, although it may not be far away, but my legs are firm, my eyes are much better, ok?

Thank you for those who met, loved and supported, commented on the past, although it could not be as good as it was, but my heart is bigger, my heart is wider. "

nhat by 2222.jpg

Nhat has a sexy dress.


The Nhat Le way against even the things that do not seem so good is: "Thank you both for your pain, for your losses, for your reunion, to separate yourself, for your hatred and your hate at 365 days. Over, now when the old year is about to happen, everything may not be over, but will we continue?

We were born without strength, thanks to growing up in love, so do not forget to give you a little bit, because you are brave to go today.

Ignore what is sad and sad and welcome many good things that wait. "

Phuong Nhung

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