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The reason why Johnny Tri Nguyen has degraded his style when he left to "hide" in the dojo

Sunday, February 24, 2019 17:00 PM (GMT + 7)

The fancies were surprised about the life of Johnny Tri Nguyen after 10 years of shaking the screen.

After more than 10 years of glitter on the screen, return to the dream of the martial arts

The reason why Johnny Tri Nguyen dropped his style when he retired to & # 34; in the dojo - 1

Johnny Tri Nguyen and Ngo Thanh Van are "Hero Hero"

Johnny Tri Nguyen was a name that was a Vietnamese cinema shock through action movies with "female" Ngo Thanh Van. And the duo Blood hero leaving an unforgettable edition, and inspiring many of the Vietnamese film films in the future.

Later, Johnny Tri Nguyen changed the direction of comedy roles, along with Thai Hoa in the series I love you, Let Mai Tinh, Crazy Fan But the attribute of its name is a bit smaller. In 2017 he took part in films Prentis Nanny but failed as expected.

The highlights of the movie career encouraged her to the greatest dream of life, not just an actor but a martial artist. The dojo opened, dedicated to martial arts.

Many people may not know that Johnny Tri Nguyen is a real fighting artist. He was born to his grandfather's family and a father famous for fighting areas, so he learned a kung-fu of a very young age. His dad was a master of Nguyen Chanh Minh's martial arts – the legend of "Ca Mau White Swallow".

Not only good in traditional martial arts and spying, he learned and practiced many other subjects such as wrestling, vovinam, taekwondo, fencing, boxing or mixed martial arts (MMA – fought martial arts very well in the US). . In addition, it also practices other sports such as basketball, horse riding, swimming, racing, skiing, shooting …

The reason why Johnny Tri Nguyen dropped his style when he retired to & # 34; in the dojo - 2

The biggest passion for Johnny Tri Nguyen to build his career is martial arts

From that base, Johnny Tri Nguyen opened his hand to teach martial arts, disseminating information to the enthusiastic martial arts like him. He gave all his wealth to make the dream Dojo. On that career path, he has the expectation of creating a playground enthusiastically by organizing tournaments.

In February last year, he gave Johnny Tri Nguyen's wonder to experience the main arts and fighting arts when he came to Lien Phong Dojo. However, the Vietnamese actor abroad has denied. He insisted that the charter would be unfair if it could compete but ignore the weight factor. When Master Flores visited Dojo Johnny Tri Nguyen, he welcomed the open and open.

The reason why Johnny Tri Nguyen dropped his style when he retired to & # 34; in the dojo - 3

Johnny Tri Nguyen met with Master Flores

After a Master Flores meeting, Johnny Tri Nguyen rarely appeared at showbiz events. Most recently, he met the scriptor Ngo Thanh Van to promote the actor to the first film Hai Phuong.

Sale of houses, cars due to motor passion, leaving showbiz

The reason why Johnny Tri Nguyen dropped his style when he retired to & # 34; in the dojo - 4

One of the "big" motors of the actor

Besides the dream of developing a martial art career, film actor Dust the big market Never stop "burning" due to passion with speed, large motor. Its motorcycle collection makes many people admire cars with hundreds of millions of VND. He used to sell houses and cars to satisfy motor pleasure.

As a speed, but it's a simple life, tends to think. The way the dojo built the style of wooden houses, close to nature, talked about its nature.

Now, when leaving away from a showbiz, it does not care for having to look after its beauty. It became so much, he was dead long, he was no longer his youth. The weight is reduced because it feels lighter and more convenient when running the motor. In the past, when he was filming, he got pressure to fit his role, now it is no longer needed.

After he shared with an ex-wife, he made a man to dig flowers but did not like to marry

Blwch Peach is the word many people use to describe Johnny Tri Nguyen. After sharing with an ex-wife, he and Ngo Thanh Van were repeatedly surprised to be two real films, although both had never yet confirmed.

Although he did not speak out but later, when the cut was asked, the relationship between the two people, the actor said: "Our relationship is normal, it is not as difficult as people think. Why do we hate each other?"

The reason why Johnny Tri Nguyen dropped his style when he retired to & # 34; in the dojo - 5

Johnny Three Nguyen next to his girlfriend Nhung Kate

After a while, Johnny Tri Nguyen has just opened up a love story with actor Nhung Kate. Both often appear with each other, sharing their passion with the motor. The beauty became Johnny Tri Nguyen's manager in the dojo's work.

Movie actor Stay crazy He confirmed that he and Nhung Kate had many common things but they can not get married again. According to him, marriages are material. What material will be no longer fun.

Nhung and Johnny Tri Nguyen have been in love since 2013. The actor admitted when she loved Johnny Tri Nguyen, and she was inspired by her work. She had never thought about the age gap between the two when she was 15 years older than her.

The incredible way of the celebrity martial arts is the old girlfriend Ngo Thanh Van

The current appearance of Ngo Thanh Van's old girlfriend was surprised by fans.

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