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The reason for the "Little Swine Yen" Zhao Wei and the husband of the whole situation, was denied legal proceedings and sanctions.


Trieu Vy's wife was denied management positions in securities companies, facing legal proceedings and fines for financial errors.

On November 20, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced new penalties for financial fraud, disclosure of information is not transparent and counterfeit Triệu Vy on the stock market. The warning notification is posted on the Department's official website.

Accordingly, the actor of husband and wife Trieu Vy is prohibited from taking the key positions in companies listed on the stock exchange for five years. Key posts include general director, chair of the board of directors, chief accountant, departmental director, supervisor.

Star - The reason why

Trieu Vy's wife was rejected for a period of five years.

Shanghai stock exchange said he had a private meeting with the husband Zhao Wei, Huynh Huu Long, and leaders of the Tibetan cultural media company Long Vy, the Tuong Yuan Joint Culture Stock Company on the 20th. / 11. Huỳnh Hữu She holds a senior manager, Triệu Vy is the president, director and legal representative of the Tibetan company Long Vy.

The penalty notice also noted that Zhao Wei's error provided false information to harass the stock market. In particular, by the end of 2016, the company managed by Trieu Vy and Huynh Huu Long failed to win a 29.1% share in Zhejiang Van Hao (market value of $ 452 million). The failure to sell was the Zhao Wei financial shortage company.

Zhejiang Van Hao Company then belonged to another investor and to renamed Zhejiang Tuong.

Earlier, in November 1977, the couple had a fine from the Chinese Securities Regulation Commission for the offenses. Trieu Vy and Huynh Huu Long were excluded from the stock market for five years, and 600,000 yuan VND2 billion were fined).

Star - The reason why Zhao Wei and her husband were replaced in the office

Zhao was born in 1976, a famous actor and Chinese cinema director, she is well-known for the role role of Yen Tu at Hoan Chau.

Prior to being touched by the Chinese Securities and Exchange Commission, Zhao Wei's business road was as good as the wind. Beijing News said that the assets of the couple ranged from $ 1 billion. Zhao is a rare actor who has made the list of billionaires in China. Zhao Zhi and her husband are involved in operating about 7 companies.

Star - The reason why

An actress and husband have a wealth of around $ 1 billion.

In this list of friends this notable couple have a series of billionaires such as Jack Ma, Soy Ngoc Tru, Wang Kuan Lin.

On its personal page in 2013, the billionaire posted photos of the meeting with the comment line: "Triau Vy and brother brother Huu Long.

In December 2014, Trieu Vy excited when her husband spent $ 400 million to buy a 9.19% share in Alibaba Pictures, becoming a strategic shareholder after Jack Ma.

Star - The reason why Zhao Wei and a husband of the office were replaced, facing legal proceedings and fines (Figure 4).

In 2015, this large group was hitting the Hong Kong stock market when he won the great prize with the acquisition of shares in the Swiss conglomerate. Chinese media at the same time as the Huynh Huu Long name as a mysterious trader and Zhao Wei's nickname "Warren Buffett Women Women" was given.

No-one doubts about the huge victory in the couple's stock and real estate market until the Guarantee Commission is fine.

At this point, Chinese media know that Zhao Wei often uses the financial trial tool to make a profit. They can announce their investments in the air to attract capital from small investors, boosting stock prices.

2016 is also a year for the ongoing troubles associated with Zhao Wei. Huynh Huu Long is the chairman of three companies based in Hong Kong, Mongolia and a number of companies in the mainland. Company records in the mainland are almost empty and outside companies do not "find specific information".

In art, Zhao Wei was cast when the film project was produced and directed to name her There is no other love canceled In mid-2016, the movie closes after a year of silent shooting.

High things came when the men came in the film to favor Taiwan's independence, apart from China. So the movie opposes strongly in the mainland.

Zhao Wei apologized and promised to change the cast. Two years later, There is no other love is still a difficult project to launch.

Do not stop there, movie draw attention as she is the Korean actor, Joo Jin Mo, has starred in production.

Guan Bang Director because Zhao Wei was waiting to "enjoy" the project for 4 years. However, close to shooting time, it was forced to cancel the scheme.

Star - The reason why Zhao Wei and her husband of the office were replaced, facing legal proceedings and fines (Figure 5).

Zhao Wei.

Earlier this year, the Chinese Restaurant 2 show recorded with Shu Qi and Su Wu. The show was broadcast, but the participating artists were cut off 80% of the pay checks due to the new compensation policy. This is also the couple of stage, Zhao Vy rarely seems like that. They face unhealthy rumors of secret divorces.

At present, the couple and other company members face compensation claims for 440 investors, totaling almost 56 million yuan ($ 8 million). By 163, a lawyer said the legal case would not last for more than one year and would be effective at the start of 2019.

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