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The most popular bull in the world, usually with a car-phi

Thursday, November 29, 2012 11:00 AM (GMT + 7)

The cow is almost 2 meters high and only puts a car.

According to the Daily Star, the cow is almost as high as Michael Jordan, and has record pressures.

Due to the size of the cattle, the cattle spend their leisure time walking in the fields of Western Australia without fear of taking them to the slaughterhouse.

The 7-year-old looks totally superior to his / her co-competitors. Farm owner Geoff Pearson said that because of his large size the cow had corrected out of the slaughterhouse.

The most popular bull in the world, with a car - 1

The cow pressed 1.4 tonnes, almost 2 meters high, performing more than the other cattle.

The simple reason is that a local slaughterhouse can not handle such a large cow.

"It was too big and heavy," said Geoff. I could not take it through the kill line. So, it's better to let her live happily ever after. "

The owner said he had spent £ 225 to buy the cow when he was young. "Over the years, the cow has grown more and better than any other breed."

The most fortunate cold in the world, with a car - 2

Cattle is fortunate to escape from the scene to the slaughterhouse.

Although the usual cattle weighed about 630 kg, the high cows weighed up to 1.4 tonnes, which are equivalent to a car. The cow is also prominent in white compared to other brown cattle.

Despite its considerable size, this cow is not the biggest record ever recorded. The Guinness Record Book records a cow that is 2 meters high and weighs 2,267 kg.

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