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The leading billionaires in IT confirmed that it will be difficult to succeed if one day does not do the following 6 things


Sunday, March 10, 2019 21:00 PM (GMT + 7)

The most legendary leaders in the world, by Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey to CEO in Google and Facebook, all see success as a job asking for this training process.

Here are six things, Warren Buffett and Elon Musk recommend that you do every day if you want to succeed in life:

1. Reading the book is not directly related to their work

Reading is one of the easiest ways to experience life from a different perspective and develop the empathy needed to become a great leader, especially to expand your knowledge beyond its expertise. .

The top billionaires in IT confirmed that it will be difficult to succeed if one day does not do the following 6 things - 1

Although he is a head of technology, Elon Musk enjoys reading fiction and biography (Source: CNBC).

2. Develop courage

Developing yourself out of security is a sign that you grow up. If not, you can not go far from life. If you're afraid to speak in public, here is the first to talk to your next group meeting. Although you could feel worried that your sweat is full, keep up with practice.

Mark Zuckerberg spent many years studying Mandarin. Fear and development can not exist in the same space. There must be one person left and one person left.

3. Exercise

The top IT billionaires claim that it will be difficult to succeed if one day does not do the following 6 things - 2

Some billionaires themselves, including Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg and Richard Branson, combine exercise in their daily routine (Source: CNBC)

In a five year study of rich people, author Tom Corley found that exercise is a common point for all the rich. "Those who have exercised an aerobic exercise have many more benefits than non-practicing," said Tom Corley, "Those benefits will include higher IQs, beliefs and energy up to 20% more. "

4. Give others

In 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett made Pledge, the commitment of rich individuals and families to give more than half their assets to goals such as removing hunger. poverty reduction and global health issues.

But do not have to put a lot off. It can be as simple as a proposal to help a colleague or an elderly person get gross overhead. If you're too busy to give, you are also "busy" to be successful.

5. Remember the successful race in your life

Michael Jordan once said: "I play to win, either during an exercise or as a real game, and I will not leave anything blocking my path and I want to win." Michael Jordan is eliminated by the school basketball team and is now one of the highest paid sports athletes in history.

Do not forgive and can keep your presents down, but remembering the life race and enemies can be a powerful force. It prompts you to do everything in your ability to succeed and test yourself to those who hate you.

6. Stay outside and think more widely

Everyone knows we all spend too much time on our phones. However, a study by the American Psychology Association found that outdoor walking can increase creativity and improve problem solving skills.

Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Google CEOs and LinkedIn also like to organize their meetings by walking because the activity helps them get more new ideas. "I'll find it faster to enter business, make decisions and agree completely," wrote Richard Branson on his blog, "In addition, there's a way great practice and focus your mind on a busy day. "

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