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The government needed deregulation "pigs should not eat banana trees"

“The ministries have made efforts to reform, but the Prime Minister's applications and the initiatives are better more significant reforms, to avoid breaking these conditions and developing other norms and standards. , in order to eliminate what the Team Leader emphasized.

The government asked to abolish the rule that pigs should not eat bananas - 1

The Minister for the Office of the Government asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to give up the regulation "that pigs cannot eat banana trees" which the Ministry has t recently raised.

The leader of the working group also asked MARD to comment on Circular 02 on animal feed which had repeatedly caused regulations such as 'pigs should not eat banana trees' and rabbits should not eat coffee at last. ";

In respect of this regulation, Mr Nguyen Xuan Duong, Director of the Livestock Production Department explained that this regulation only applies to commercially produced feed, not to farming households' self-sufficiency.

He said that the provisions of Circular 02 "totally for business, created a very good mechanism". However, he also stated that he will amend this Circular to more appropriately adjust the scope of the application, as interpreted above.

The Dung Minister disagreed and said: "The problem is that the rule of" choice "means that people can only do what the law allows, which will lead to its omission.

We need to note the "opt out", that is, the people are allowed to do whatever the law does not exclude, "said the Chief of the Working Group the point and offered to the r t Administration of Circular 02 to this address.

The Head of the Prime Minister's Working Group asked the Animal Health Department to accept the request directly to meet the business inappropriately, it needs to promote the use of information technology to reduce records, procedures, avoid direct contact between management agencies and t initiatives.

At the meeting, the MARD representative stated that he would receive comments on many other matters relating to procedures, expenses for testing livestock breeds, registration of veterinary drugs, quarantine testing of fertilizers and plants. …

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The government asked to abolish regulations that pigs should not eat bananas - 2

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