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The former office for lease or lending is prohibited contrary to regulations


The Hanoi People's Committee has asked the units to operate Statement No. 167/2017 / ND-CP dated 31/12/2017 of the Government that regulates the reorganization and treatment of public property.

Accordingly, in order to improve the efficiency of the reorganization and disposal of public assets in accordance with regulations, the City People Committee requires control and control review units of all public assets under control (including land , housing, work offices, non-business, other assets attached to land, automobiles and other public assets) for economic and efficient use in accordance with the prescribed criteria and norms by the House. water and city;

Dealing promptly according to its competence or report to competent authorities for considering and treating unnecessary public assets, assets that are not being used, assets that await abolition, ineffective assets. or used inappropriately.

All proceeds from public use of public assets must be sent to the State budget as soon as possible.

Specifically, when designing investment designs for the construction, upgrading or replacement of new office offices, agencies or units that undertake projects must obtain written opinion of the Provincial / urban Finance Services or Departments Finance Planning In terms of the norms and norms for the use of non-business offices and offices, before notifying competent authorities to consider and approve in accordance with the regulations.

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Hanoi is completely banned to keep its old head office for leasing or lending contrary to regulations

Agencies and units that have invested in the construction of their new offices, after completing the construction and transferring to the new offices, will have to transfer all work offices before & # 39 Provincial / urban Building Services for co-ordination with Provincial / urban Finance Services Synthesize, report to the City People Committee to consider and decide on the treatment plan.

It is strictly barred for agencies and units to retain their old work offices for use, lease, lending or arrangement for other units without decisions from the competent authorities.

For house and land establishments in the city of Hanoi, heads of agencies, establishments, units and enterprises must review and use houses and land in accordance with the standards and norms prescribed. save, efficiency.

The offenses must be treated definitely; Review, synthesise and report on the current status of the management and use of housing and land facilities assigned to manage and use and implement approved plans for housing and land reorganization.

Land use schemes of State enterprises and non-business public units are currently being managed and when the law and reorganization and treatment of a law have to be complied with and land Who is the property of the state; It is in line with the planning and planning of land use, the construction planning in the area; It fits in with the enterprise development strategy and must be considered and approved by the competent body before the time of the equity decision.

When dealing with houses and land that need to be relocated when planning or corrupted by the environment, the Provincial / Urban Natural Services and Natural Resources must take the lead responsibility for, and coordinate departments, branches and units involved, acting …

The Department of Planning and Investment will take the lead responsibility and co-ordinate with departments, branches, district committees and people's towns and relevant units when reviewing the conditions in accordance with law on enterprises and the law on management. The use and use of State capital invested in production and business in enterprises, law on real estate businesses and relevant laws in cases of land use change for business business implementation purposes. Advising and reporting to the People of the City Committee to consider and approve the investment policy on the work of enterprises in accordance with the law.

Based on the criteria and norms on the use of cars, machinery, equipment and other public assets issued by competent authorities, the heads of the agencies, institutions or units or project management boards will use & # 39; The capital State will be required to manage and use public assets to revise and reorganize existing public assets under its control.

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