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The first four months before the happiness, the last two months of not buying a car, the account also increases


Do not know in the time before these difficulties but in the last two months of year, these 4 will be God's fortune, helping people.

In a microcosm, the heavens give birth to a specific designation, life at risk and luck too. People from the beginning of 2018 face a lot of troubled, sometimes they have to spend a lot of things, thinking that that will be a good success but at the end of a failure or failure. things are still unfinished.

Sometimes they feel that life ends when the unfortunate events come at the same time, work to love, health. Imagine that a "happy life" will follow them until the end of the year, but during the last 2 months of 2018 some people will find lucky leaves.

In particular, the four children below will be a fortune, the lucky man hitting the door, leading them through 2019.

The Ocs

And the first 4 months before the happy 2 month last year without buying a car, the account is also increasing

The Ocs are working hard, work diligently and put the job up. They always believe that hard work will be successful, people with added merit, do not always hope to make a lot of money to build a full life. However, despite its best efforts but the Ocs who have little luck may always turn on the place and place.

Especially, in the year 2018, the Ocs continue to face many difficulties at work, even by playing badminton, the foam wheels make it difficult. In addition, the Ocs story in the year 2018 is not smaller.

So far, many people of the age of Ox may think that black athletes will continue to stick to the end of the year and even ready to go on the bad luck. However, the microcosm has said that the life of the Ocs will suddenly change in the positive direction later this year.

Older people will have a great opportunity to make progress in their career. If your career does not go one step further, at least they have money from the business or bonuses to settle the debt that is due.

Age Body

And the first 4 months before the happy 2 month last year without buying a car, the account is also increasing

The Age Body is lively light, hard and emotional but is not easy to control. They always have their own opinions and are not too ambitious or hard to live. I like peace and only every day be happy and happy, so that the age can enjoy many blessings in life.

However, this year, there were also difficulties in money, love and health. Money enough to eat enough, the career found many councils, no progress.

However, during the last 2 months of 2018, they will not harvest sweet fruit and everything gets very smooth and smooth. If you try hard to add some help from the old one, the body will be successful in the career, the story of love is also warm. In particular, business people who know how to invest, market expansion will be a good deal later this year.

Rhos Age

And the first 4 months before the happy 2 month last year without buying a car, the account is also increasing

Roogers are working hard, active, responsible and always giving work at the top. Even so, from the beginning of 2018 to date, the life of the old people is not really safe, comfortable.

In particular, the Rhos Age career does not have many developments, even sometimes confronting with colleagues or to meet some financial difficulties, compensation. Aging health in 2018 is not good either due to the cold or psychological pressure.

However, in the last two months in 2018, you will always be supporters. The efforts of elderly disorders are recognized, so that the difficulties are gradually removed, the work has new actions to be proud. In addition, the Rooster Age love story is also better, the wind is full of gas.

Pig age

And the first 4 months before the happy 2 month last year without buying a car, the account is also increasing

Many people often say that suffering suffers, but pigs never fall to be incredible. If there are difficulties, Hung may suffer more than material deprivation. However, in 2018, Pigs have many career, money, emotional health difficulties.

The career has not changed a lot, is still in place, making bags uncooked. Big business people have financial difficulties. Emotional and health problems are not good, even sicknesses are constantly.

However, it can be said in the last two months of 2018 when Moch was "daunting", full of leaf lobsters because this is the age of Pig was the "remembrance" of the gods. Thanks to that, luck will not give up to the Pigs and it can continue through 2019. It's not just improving the financial situation, the story of a pig that thrives second Half a year, Even those in love prepare for the same house.

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