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The fee for the official pickup truck tripled Finance – Business

The registration fee was charged to a 60 million VND

Accordingly, vehicles with 5 seats or less, with a permitted transport volume of less than 1,500 kg, will have the first registration fee rate equal to 60% of the car registration fee. And at the time of the second registration fee forward, the rate will be 2% and the national rate will be combined. With this rate of increase, the upcoming registration fee will increase by 3-4 times, from 2% to 6-9%.

So, after 10 April, if people buy trucks, people will have to add 32-60 million to "back" to go home. For example, with a pickup truck buying a 800 million VND, the current registration fee of 2% is a 16 million VND. But, when Decree 20 officially came into force in 9 days, with 6%, consumers have to pay a 48 million registration fee. In particular, if buying a car in areas like Da Nang, Hai Phong, Hanoi … where the registration fee for cars under 9 seats is applied at 12%, the fee must be closed t for collecting lorries for 7.2%, therefore, the amount of registration fee for customers paying an increase of nearly ten million more is 57 million dong.

Indeed, increased registration fees affect wheelchair prices more than import taxes increasing at the same rate. With the increase of 2% to 6-9%, it will be much higher than the drop in import tax and the same rate from 9% to 2%. Tax input is just the reason for import tax, while the registration fee is calculated after adding special excise taxes, tax for sale t

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Difficulties in importing vehicles during the past year had made the truck market dive

Ba Hung

Discounts attract customers before G

With this increase, distributors said that the ability to sell goods had fallen sharply with the piece of pecking and van. In the first month of this year, sales with the total collection market reached 2,522 units, up 4.2% over the same period. However, before that, in 2018, the truck market saw a sharp decline in sales, down almost 31% with 18,491 units sold.

So, before the official registration fee increases, many sellers decided to reduce car prices to increase sales. Mr Nguyen Tri Thong, a car dealer in major car sales in Khanh Hoa, said that the Ford Ranger Raptor 2019 is the biggest drop of 100 million VND. “The old price when the distribution agent was offered was a 1,298 billion VND, however, today we have received notification that the price of cars is falling to a 1,198 billion VND, the promotional period is also short, not long. If 60 million registration fees are added, the price is still softer than the old price, ”said Mr Thong.

Likewise, Mitsubishi's pickup trucks with Triton half load models have a fall of more than a 20 million VND in April, some agents have informed Isuzu that it is getting the "largest" price fall. in the last half year. According to our research, the D-Max pickup model is just quite attractive with the accessories including value up to 50 million VND.

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