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The clue helps to arrest a suspected police driver of ancient taxi drivers in My Dinh

Monday, February 4, 2019 21:00 PM (GMT + 7)

From this idea, the police have arrested suspects of ancient taxi drivers in My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.

The clue helps to arrest a suspected police driver of ancient taxi drivers in My Dinh - 1

Suspect Nguyen Canh An.

The Hanoi police have arrested Nguyen Canh An (in 1999, living in the Trang Son communities, Do Luong and Nghe Mae) to explain the murder of Nguyen Van Duy's taxi driver (SN 1993, in Quang Tien commune, Gym area). They are, Hanoi) in the area ahead of the entrance to the My Dinh stadium.

Speak to PV about the ride to look for murderers murdering Duy's driver, Colonel Lieutenant Dang Viet Quang – Deputy Head of Criminal Police Department (PC02) – Police and Police Hanoi, on January 29, PC02 Division Received Information that Mr Duy's case was murdered.

Deciding that this is a particularly serious and confusing case of public opinion in the days near Tet, Hanoi Police has launched many officials and scouts to co-ordinate with the professional units of the Ministry of Public Protection and the Hanoi Police. The police force of the police force Nam Tu Liem and Nghe investigated the case directly led by Superior General Le Quy Vuong – Deputy Minister for Public Protection.

The clue helps to arrest a suspected police driver of ancient taxi drivers in My Dinh - 2

Colonel Quang shared his trip to the suspicion of taxis in My Dinh.

Colonel Quang said that the appointed committee should stop the suspicion quickly so that people can enjoy the Tet holiday and let the family be harmed. However, tracking the object was difficult when the case occurred at night in the large square area and the object caused the crime to be erased from Hanoi.

Throughout the review, scouts mocked the suspicions of the Phu Do Village. Immediately scouts illuminated many instructions to arrest the suspect, including the working group for Hoa Binh.

Colonel Quang, at the center of all the suspicious information, shared that it was difficult for the police to find an idea, the suspect has murdered Mr Duy as a male voice in the province of Nghe.

Immediately, the expert committee has co-ordinated with the Police Force to review and define the objects. As An is a subject that does not have a criminal record or criminal record, the location is hard. The only exposure is suspicion of playing games, or leaving a "wild" home.

However, from this clue along with camera identification and security relationships, including the chatting relationship, playing games with each other, the police decided that Nguyen Canh Is the suspected object of No. 1. cause the case.

Continue to follow the An route, found the police Hide in an internet store at Hoa Binh.

According to Colonel Quang, when he was arrested by the police, An was still "plowing" the game and had no response. After being arrested, he admitted Mr Duy's murder.

The investigating agency decided that the cause of the case is that Does not have a fixed occupation and often play online on the internet, without money, so it is intended to meet a taxi driver's property. personal needs.

Killing cold weather and the suspect's journey killing a taxi driver in My Dinh

After a sudden assault on the men's taxi driver in the back of the My Dinh stadium, Nguyen Canh An was too scared, unable to catch up …

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