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The car driver prosecuted to rush through the median strip on the highway, stabbing deadly t


Previously, on Tuesday afternoon 22, Mr Nguyen Tuan Hoang, driver Mercedes BKS 49A-119.02, carried 2 more people, running at high speed on Lien Khuong highway – Da Lat towards Da Lat City – Duc Trong.

Coming to the Lien Khuong – Prenn expressway (Hiep Thanh comedy section, Duc Trong area, about 6km from the Lien Khuong intersection), the car suddenly lost control and drove to the median and crossed the road.

The car driver prosecuted to break through the median on the highway, stabbing to death - 1

The scene of a serious accident caused 2 people to die

At that time, there was a 7-seat BKS 49A-084.06 car. Noal Tien (aged 54, living in the Di Linh area) was carrying his wife, Luu Thi Canh (49 years old), managing the traffic to the other direction and running to the car . Mr. Hoang Tong directly.

The strong momentum caused Ms Luu Thi Canh to sit on the BKS 49A-084.06 at the place.

The accident also seriously injured two people in Mr.'s vehicles. Hoang and Mr. Noal Tien was transported to Lam Dong Provincial Hospital for emergency treatment.

After 3 days of hospital treatment, Mr Thomas died. Noal Tien of serious injury. Mr Nguyen Tuan Hoang was also seriously injured, rescued at Lam Dong General Hospital and because he was being treated, the agency ordered the investigator to leave the home.

According to a recorded travel camera, before causing a serious accident, cars under Mr Hoang's control hit the rails on the right hand side of the lane. After losing the driver, rushed through the median strip and faced the car under Mr.'s control. Noal Tien.

At present, the functional police continues to combine the case file.

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