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The argument tells the search for two brothers and sisters that were part of the drug on a Tet holiday

Sisters have been enriched with drugs

Returning from the working days of coming to Lunar New Year, Viet Chien's Prime Minister, the Patriarch, Police Department in the Police State Department has arrested two particularly dangerous objects, 2 brothers and sisters.

These objects are Ngo Thi Xoan (SN 1972, resident of Block 15, Ward Cua Nam, Vinh City); Ngo Thi Hanh (SN 1983, Hamlet 4, Hung Chinh Commune, Vinh City). Here are both "female beasts" that have many criminal records and criminal convictions that are in the period of deferral action and the provisional sentence.

Analysis tells about hunting 2 older people with drugs on the Tet day: They both leave exit papers to England - Picture 1.

2 sister Ngo Thi Xoan and Ngo Thi Hanh.

Ngo Thi Hanh had two previous convictions and Ngo Thi Xoan had seven major criminal records relating to illegal drug trafficking and transport. In particular, the subjects are incomplete, confidential, so during the time of committing offenses and executing the sentence, they are constantly pregnant and raise up children to prevent them take an opinion.

According to the records, in March 2017, after buying 2 sandwiches of recognition, Xoan made their homes hide and sell for profit. On March 21, 2017, when Xoan was trading with customers, police officers were holding fruit with a heroin cake. With criminal acts, Xoan was sentenced by the Provincial People's Court to preserve life for illegal drug trafficking.

Ngo Thi Hanh alone, in April 2017, Hanh was punished 15 years imprisoned by Nghe Provincial People's Court for illegally transporting 1.1 kg of drugs. Because she's the process of raising her children and pregnant, Hanh is suspended from serving a sentence.

Like his sister, Xoan was banished from serving his sentence because he raises a child under 36 months of age. Taking advantage of Plaid and State labor policy, both Xoan and Hanh sisters fled the area. In November 2018, the Police Judicial Criminal Enforcement and Judicial Aid Department announced a decision that was required for Ngo Thi Xoan and Ngo Thi Hanh.

A trip to catch 2 "elderly" in Gypsy world

In order to succeed in catching those who wish Ngo Thi Xoan and Ngo Thi Hanh, the team that wants, the CSHS room has been very busy, flexible of professional measures because here are both " higher-class men "in the world. The lake, members of the family are totally tired, the husband and child are going to the prison for taking part in the white death trade.

In early 2019, by checking valuable information screening about these two objects, the team wanted the CSHS department for provincial police leaders. The Criminal Police Department has established 2 983M and 972V projects to arrest Ngo Thi Xoan and Ngo Thi Hanh.

Immediately from setting up the project, the Project Committee noted that taking advantage of information from a family of two subjects as well as moving both subjects to return to the animal to enjoy the fascination of the law was impossible.

Aware, continually in the use of professional measures, the Project Committee has collected valuable sources and has identified the sisters' hiding places in the Hiep Binh Chanh residential ward, Thu Duc area, Ho Chi Minh City.

The expert committee has gone into an emergency on Ho Chi Minh City to co-ordinate with the police of the Thu Duc Region and Binh Thanh District Police to arrest the subjects. At 23:00 on January 26, functional forces warred and managed to capture two subjects, Ngo Thi Xoan and Ngo Thi Hanh.

Looking at the pub, the police got many papers and bags, including head teachers' papers that work to prepare for leaving England. On January 28, Nghe An has taken two subjects.

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