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The actress was forced to accept guests 100 times closed permanent Culture


The Korean Justice Corporation's Issues Committee has recently announced whether to open more investigations into the death of Jang Ja Yeon. At the meeting on the afternoon of May 20, the researchers discussed several hours before making a final decision. At the meeting, the research team said in the past that it had analyzed the 12 questions he found during the investigation as if "The Will of Jang Ja Yeon" existed, the investigation. Is the police in the old year is very complete, sheet Chosun Ilbo does it affect the investigation … t

In addition, after questioning more than 80 people, the research team in the past confirmed that Jang Ja Yeon was shot by The Contens Entertainment. During the period under the company, she had to serve alcohol to many unknown people. However, find out about the movie stars Meteor Garden Wine cannot be accepted, as there is not enough evidence.

Not only that, but finding any specific information about sexual assaulters Jang Ja Yeon is also "impossible" because the victim died 10 years ago. The lack of evidence, the length of time taken, the appeal expires … are also barriers to investigation agencies being unable to facilitate prosecution. The team investigating past issues also found that the late actor's phone calls had been removed from the original inquiry record in 2009.

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After more than 13 months of re-investigation, the beautiful girl's case closed without anyone else having to suffer the crime


As the information given earlier, the team investigated issues in the past that were shared internally before deciding whether to ask the prosecutor to investigate further to see if Jang Ja Yeon could suffer Serious enforcement (the term describes the victim's rape after an anesthetic). In the report presented to the Ministry of Justice, the Team stressed that it was impossible to reach a consensus on this issue.

In particular, the team investigated past issues confirmed in the report on the link between the leaflets Chosun Ilbo and the investigation process. Accordingly, in 2009, former CEO of Aberystwyth TV Cosun Bang Jung Oh and uncle Bang Yong Hoon (president of Koreana Hotel at the time) and another big one Chosun Ilbo Jang Ja Yeon, but the newspaper, put pressure on the police to “kill” the cause. However, in the latest release, the representative side Chosun Ilbo deny all allegations.

After all, the Department of Justice's previous affairs committee decided not to re-investigate whether the female artist born in 1980 had been forced to host more than 100 times. The Committee's representative said: "Although Jang Ja Yeon has some reliable foundations, not all content meets the requirements to be a criminal offense."

In parallel, the committee also noted that they could not confirm the existence of the list "Jang Ja Yeon", including those whom she had been forced to serve on their sex: "Contrary to evidence Yoon Ji. Oh, all witnesses said t who saw the document from Jang Ja Yeon that there was no list of names.So, it's difficult to determine the validity of this. time.

So, after reviewing the 250 pages of the team investigating previous issues submitted on 13 May, the Department of Justice decided to close the entire cult case that lasted for more than 10 years. Most likely, those who are raped or forced Jang Ja Yeon "into the bed" are not charged, are still illegal.

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Many people expressed frustration with the final decision by the Ministry of Justice affairs committee in the past


Jang Ja Yeon was born in 1980 alone in four times My Sweet Ugly, The Lost Cause Of Mr.. J, Search for the Elephant a Boys over flowers (aka Meteor Garden Korean version). In March 2009, she committed suicide by hanging at her home.

A suicide note left many people denied it to the next step and shocked Korean public. The investigation was carried out quickly, but 10 of the characters were deemed innocent, while the company's president and manager of Jang Ja Yeon had received a suspended sentence.

In April 2014, the Committee on Past Issues was appointed to the Ministry of Justice in Korea to clarify the case. Over the last 13 months, the results of this re-investigation do not show the results the public expected and closed their permanently unfair way to the victims.

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