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The 80-year suicide note was born to four sons;


Today, June 6, I was 80 years old, that is, I've lived 80 years.

For such a long time, I gave up four children, and eight grandchildren rose. So, I was old enough to understand a lot of things.

A few years ago, after his father died, I felt clear that I was dissatisfied with me. I'm really hope that my son can take me home, I want to live with you, and I can do whatever I want.

After 2 months, my heart has frozen, I know, no-one will take me home. But if you really worry about me, you can come to cook me every night, so I'll be less lonely. In fact, live most of life, what is most fearful? Only that loneliness can do so.

Everyday people.

Artwork: Everyday people.

He spent the right nine months to look after a mother, about 630 days. As a mother, I am grateful to you for the nobleman.

Then their faces became increasingly ugly. You do not have a greeting, and you do not have a sentence. It seems you're walking into a hotel, looking at the old lady with no familiarity in her eyes.

I do not want to insult anyone of you, although I do not eat a meal, do not wear your clothes, even spend a penny of you. But you make me feel that you come to visit me a big debt to me.

Even when I got confused, you went silent every night, no one came back, and it gave me a frightening.

That's the thing. After all, after your father died, you came with me for a year and nine months. I'm grateful for this. For the rest of my life, I will go alone.

I have experienced moisture for more than two years. When celebrating my 80 year old, the boys came to wish "Live for a hundred years!" I'm laughing and I thought living for a hundred years was useless.

Recently, my heart has become increasingly uncomfortable. I do not say that, and I do not know what to say. I hope that sickness will take me away soon. A few days ago, I dreamed of your dad. He smiled and looked at me, and said, "Come with me, you will never be alone once again."

I am very grateful for his girlfriend in this life, and I am grateful for your company 630 days.

I have a heart attack. I understand that that day came, so I wrote this letter.

My hair is money, I'm migration from my white hair that I really appreciate what you do. But apart from this, I have one other thing to say: I'm sorry for a baby's birth, if there is a future, I do not want to see you again.

But I still hope that the four of you will be happy in the later years, your eight children will not be left.

After this letter, I want to give everyone the best … "

After a few days, the woman closed her eyes peacefully on the bed, holding her only picture for her and her husband.

If one day, you will find that your father's flowers and trees have died;

If one day, you will find that the closet, usually, the floor in your house is dust;

If one day, you'll see that the mother is cooking too salty;

If one day, you will find that parents often forget to turn off a gas stove;

If one day, you see that they are slow;

If one day, you can no longer go out …

Paying more attention to them, they will not say where they hurt, because they do not want to bother you. Caring for your parents, do not wait until they leave respect.

Trong Nghia

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