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The 2 women of Hanoi, Quang Ninh are a man like thin eggs after the face


Wednesday, November 28, 1818 10:14 AM (GMT + 7)

The girl from Ha Noi – Dang Thu Ha, the colonist discovered as an aesthetic after.

Both the girls from Hanoi and Quang Ninh have all been involved in the Change of Life program to look for opportunities to change their appearance, to become more beautiful.

The woman of Hanoi, Quang Ninh is a man like thin eggs after a face - 1

Dang Thu Ha gets the psychological man, an inc of love after aesthetics

The first is 9X Hanoi – Dang Thu Ha, it's really "life change" after taking part in the Change Life program in 2015, which is funded in Korea. Its life and life is easier to breathe, more fun than before. The most special, she has found the husband as well as becoming beautiful.

In the past, Thu Ha had a love but was not accepted. "Accordingly, the family of love did not agree to love one another because we thought we would get married, the birth of children will be disagreeed so that they do not like me. When I finished from the end, " 9X ha split.

Thu Ha feels lucky to meet her current husband. He revealed: "My husband is not worried about all my aesthetics. We come together with a mix of thinking, personality, and I understand, love, appreciate my brother."

Take each other, Thu Ha is the husband of the ink. At the moment, pregnant in the fourth month should be more anxious. Thu Ha: "My husband has a great interest to me, before going to work, they bring food to the room," he went on to the job, again asked what he liked to & # 39; w eat. My job is busy, but I have time to spend with a family, in general, to take care of everything. "

Dang Thu Ha is not worried about giving birth to the original copy. She has the opinion: "Those who are going to be mothers, they want children to be healthy, and the bad or beautiful are not important, because it is a crystal lover From the couple, my son, anyway for me, is still the most beautiful. "

There were 2 Hanoi women, Quang Ninh, as an egg man after repair - 2

Ethnic San Diu's daughter – Huy Ngoc Anh has also taken part in the Change of life program – Changing life

The second daughter of the name Huy Ngoc Anh (the ethnic group of San Diu, in Quang Ninh) also has an impressive new appearance after the aesthetic. In particular, she was sponsored by Melaleuca treatment and removing the skin. Thanks to this, she is confident several times when her new husband compared.

Known with the man of the black mark standing on his face, Ngoc Anh is a pity repeatedly, crying because of feeling discomfortable. Especially when he went to meet his friends. This encouraged her to take part in the beauty correction program in 2016. The capital was loved after aesthetics, Huy Ngoc Anh was the most boring. He felt fortunate to find a psychological psychic, not cautious for all aesthetics, loved him because of his personality, not just for beauty.

In the future, the couple intended to have a baby. They are tired when they hear rumors that they will give birth to the original copy. However, Huy Ngoc Anh ignores these things gradually because of that: "The plant is the crystalline girlfriend between two people. Everyone wants their children to be beautiful and healthy, but no matter what our children are, there is nothing to fear or worry about."

The 2 women of Hanoi, Quang Ninh, had a man like thin eggs after repair - 3

Huy Ngoc Anh responded confidently to a new husband after the marriage

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