Sunday , April 11 2021

"Thanks to him, it was the same as today"

On Twitter, Aaron Carter has expressed frustration that he has not received the respect he deserves in the music industry. The 30-year-old singer said he was "the front of the road" that young singers such as Justin Bieber could be as successful as they are now.

When a fan asked why Aaron had never been as successful as Justin, Aaron said, "Listen, I can not sit there and say anything at all. I'm going through difficult times and raises, no, I am I'm not Justin Bieber, I'm Aaron Carter, I'm also building my own career. For young singers.) These children have never shown respect for me. "

Justin Bieber answers when Aaron Carter is sarcastic: Thanks to him that he is the same as today - Monday 1.

Aaron Carter insists he has prepared the way for youngest singers, but not respected him.

Not late, Justin Bieber responded to Aaron Carter's dress, but with respectful attitude:

"Aaron Carter, who used to buy his album and dancing to Aaron's Party when he was 7, and if I needed a hype, I was always ready to help. For me, Aaron, you will always get my support" (hype man is the performer that creates a lively atmosphere before the main event occurs).

Aaron Carter accepted that he immediately commended: "I appreciate your support, and that means much to me, no less than love."

Justin Bieber responds to Aaron Carter's sarcasm: Thanks to him that he's just like today - Monday 2.

Aaron added: "No, brother, it does not matter, he does not need to perform so that the audience can see he sings, he has always supported me since the first time, waiting for your movie, always love each other, my music inspires you. "

Aaron is the brother of Nick Carter – the famous Backstreet Boys. Aaron started his career singing at a young age but suffered from a variety of problems such as eating disorders, drug addiction, bankruptcy … In the past, Aaron mentioned Justin and suggested that young singers sang more than a while; u yourself. .

Justin Bieber has sold millions of albums since his career began in 2010. He has now retired for a long time.

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