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Thanh Thuy VND spent 26 million a month to hire 3 maids

Thanh Thuy emphasizes clean and honest criteria when recruiting people with the ability to cook, work quickly and understand the owner, then train slowly.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 00:04 (GMT + 7)

The three maids in the family Thanh Thuy – Duc Thinh gets certain tasks: adoptive mother of two actors who are responsible for taking care of the Tet holiday and the baby Coffee during the day, including sending to school, eating and drinking; a young girl specializing in cooking and cleaning; The other person supports Thanh Thuy with tasks to Tet at night. Every day, every person completes their job voluntarily and again helps others. Thanks to that, all the activities in the Thanh Thuy family went quickly to the reed after the new member was born.

Thanh Thuy looks after her child although there are three maids.

Thanh Thuy looks after her child although there are three maids.

Thanh Thuy urges maids as relatives, even retaining more than distant relatives because she and her husband live daily. Therefore, Thuy maintains the honest criteria when recruiting people and cooking skills, working speed, food with homeowners … can imitate. He said: "Cooking is not good, you can learn, sweep the house without cleaning, then sweep it again, even some virgins are slow, do whatever you have to guide and repeat but my still accept if they are tender We are very tired living with them and always feel "insecure" another factor that Thanh Thuy is focusing on is sanitation.It asked the assistants to wash them hands carefully after going to the toilet, soaking vegetables with salt water before cooking … t

Ms Duc Thinh is particularly interested in Tet and Coffee two-child carers. "I have to trust that I dare give them to them," he said. Every day, Thanh Thuy still cares for her children and only lets maids support some tasks like carrying babies, catching food, drinking water … She thinks no one cares about her mother and its people well. only helpers with the task of supporting the true meaning of "help".

There are many sources to look for assistants and any way Thanh Thuy will try. It used to have people from the center, asking for referrals, even using a virgin broker app. Since the birth of the baby Coffee so far, about 10 years, the Thuy family has replaced 20 people. Some people live with their spouse for a long time, some can only do a short time to apply for leave or absence.

Currently, the longest employee for Thanh Thuy is 23 years, two people are waiting for about a month but make it satisfied. Thuy shared that she used to experience several times frustrated when the maid was lazy, inappropriate or many things, greedy, even stealing. The famous mother lost a 200 million dong diamond ring because of the mercy of the maid. She draws experience to be careful in every circumstance and wants to recruit upright people.

Maiden hosts New Year while Thanh Thuy takes a bath.

Maiden hosts New Year while Thanh Thuy takes a bath.

From time to time, Thanh Thuy hired a maid every hour and found that this was an effective "fireproof" scheme when he couldn't find a long-term worker. With this form, we do not give them salaries and give them enough daily market money. Some people in difficult circumstances, asking for help, are learning carefully before making support decisions. She said that she always tried to cover her in her ability, but sobering so that welfare was not taken.

Let a happy maid work with her family for over 20 years, according to Thanh Thuy, the attitude and behavior of the landlord is very important. "Often reminding and commenting with a gentle attitude patiently. Sometimes I feel frustrated with something I say but I think they're gentle." and ignored him, "said Duc Thinh's wife. Her family had at least two maids to look after everything. So if this person is working weak, they can offer a wage reduction to get the charge for the other.

"A lazy and don't know how to work is two different concepts," Thanh Thuy said. With people working hard but unskilled, she spends her time learning and assigning them proper jobs, even leading a step by step to getting used to. Those who go through the trial period don't make Thuy happy yet, it's announced that the contract is to be canceled a month in advance so they can search t for new jobs. Some cases must be taken away immediately, regardless of the day of the month, Thuy still pays the full wages of that month. "I want them to stay or leave, they're happy," said the actress.

Thanh Thuy facilitates maids to visit once a week or once a month. She sponsors travel expenses, sends donations and rewards the monthly salary 13. Three maids each day have a lunch break for about an hour. They are comfortable eating and living as a member of the family and are invited to take part in fun and party activities at home or at the hotel.

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