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"Talking" near the stadium, young people were dead

Wednesday, 28/11/2013 13:41 PM (GMT + 7)

When going to the football field in Saigon to "talk", the young man was thrown by the enemy with multiple actions, he fell in his place.

Police presenting scene (picture)

On November 28th, the Mon Mon HCM area police co-ordinates with professional units of Ho Chi Minh police investigation, with the intention of using a knife knife to P.T.C. (25 years old, living in Area 12, staying in the Hoc Mon area) has died.

Initial information, on 24/11, due to the contrast of the previous, a subject of the name Hieu (unknown source) to meet Mr C near the football field at Thoi Tam Thuc ("Mon area" ) to "talk"

Here, both sides argued loudly. Hieu's object was unexpected to pull him a knife C how many times he had been in the victim.

The local people of the crisis only caused serious injuries, Mr. C. Especially Hieu, after the case had fled from the scene.

At present, the police investigate, investigating the subject of the case.

Come back, baby's intestines of death

Today (27-11), CSIT Police Binh Thuan province retains Mr Nguyen Van Ha (SN 1969) located in Phong Phu commune, Tuy Tuyen area.

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