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Shaw locked Salah, the British newspaper praised greatly – 24h

Monday, February 25, 201 00:35 AM (GMT + 7)

Luke Shaw's press praised his performance in closing Mohamed Salah from Liverpool.

Luke Shaw faces Mohamed Salah as a United United – Liverpool match

Luke Shaw is praised by the press

Liverpool has the opportunity not to pass Man City on BXH not only but also create a 3-point gap, but only 1 point in the trip as guests before MU despite the pressure to 65%. And that's why MU suffered an injury to break the police in the first half, making an Ole Gunnar Solskjaer trainer using the 3 right to replace people only to replace the serious players.

I'm going to draw Liverpool: Shaw lock Salah, British newspaper praises warmly - 1

Luke Shaw and Victor Lindelof received approval from ESPN

Despite many difficulties, MU had an excellent defensive game that made Liverpool assailants not many opportunities. Liverpool finished 7 times but scored only 1 and Mohamed Salah, the highest scorer of "The Kop", was replaced at the end of the second half after being disqualified by Luke Shaw for 80 minutes.

Liverpool was attacking MU left wing, but only Shaw had the opportunity to neutralize Salah. Shaw attacked behind the attacker in Egypt regularly, turning his back on the goal and could not use his speed to control and play the ball after being play by its co-members. And when Salah arrived in the border, Shaw followed near to make the balls easy to dispose.

The organizers were not only awarded the Best Player of the Games award, and Shaw also received the honor from the media. For players in this game, ESPN scored Luke Shaw and pulled as the best player in the game with 9 points, while Victor Lindelof backing the center scored 8 points. Meanwhile, Daily Mail valued Lindelof with 8.5 and Shaw scored 7.5.

Liverpool lost the opportunity or MU is a bad scene?

The British and international press have very different views on the outcome of this game. One MU side has kept Liverpool in a difficult situation and visitors have lost the opportunity to increase the gap with Man City, but on the other hand, reports that Liverpool benefit from & # 39 ; r this result. MU will face great difficulties in advance.

I'm going to draw Liverpool: Shaw lock Salah, British newspaper praises warmly - 2

Neil Jones believes that the draw is a chance to lose Liverpool

The Guardian followed his first appearance, in the Jamie Jackson war game report, he started with "If Liverpool really wants to show the desire to finish 29 years of waiting for a national championship, they have not said that." Neil Jones shares the same view as the "name" and "Liverpool" return to the top but the MU pulls a chance to miss Klopp players ".

Sports Illustrated Magazine of the United States "1 point for Liverpool, but their creativity is declining. Simon Hughes of The Independent (UK) shared this view and gave a more detailed review," The trial of the Liverpool assault is hungry by an unstable midfielder and a disgrace. "The London Evening Standard has an article entitled" Opportunities lost to leave bitter aftertaste at Old Trafford. "

However, many people also receive the second point of view. Independent Jack Jackson said: "Liverpool's minimum requirement to lose this game. If they lose, they will be even more at risk." Watson also said that MU will face great difficulties in the time to come because many players were injured, and said Solskjaer coach "was keen to hurry Lingard back after recovering from injury".

Alex Milne of The Mirror said that the forces "were extended to the extreme" with the current situation. "Milne also had a criticism for Solskjaer with the decision to enter Lingard, claiming that MU had lost a right to replace someone they could use in the second half to create a corresponding mutation.

MU - Liverpool: Opposition resistant, unfortunately for 90+ minutes

MU suffered heavy losses in the first half but was still stifling to Liverpool.

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