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Sexual violence at age 65

Thursday, 29/11/2018 11:16 AM (GMT + 7)

On November 28th, Nguyen Minh Tam's Guardian's Court Ninh N (SN 1992) sentenced to death for murder and rape.

According to the indictment, at 7h30, 14-5, after drinking wine, Nguyen Minh Tam Lieu Thi Phung (65-year-olds) was seen near the house at Ben Kinh Hamlet, Don Thuan Commune, Trang Bang District, West Province. Ninh, come along the chicken coop. Tam raises the intention to rape Ms. Phe.

Thinking of climbing over a B40 Fencing grid goes to Mrs. House, then clamping her throat and pulling to the toilet.

Here Tam has disappeared that Mrs. Phung now performs acts of intercourse. After the work is finished, Tam is wearing pants to go home, and Jean Tam's short boards in her Pho home.

Sexual violence at age 65 - 1

Defender Tam in court

About 8 hours 15-5, his family found that Mrs. When dying in the toilet.

In the trial, the accused was not intended to kill Ms. Pham alone to satisfy his wish.

The panel was sentenced to Nguyen Minh Tam to die on accusations of murder, 6 years in prison on charges of rape, and summarizing the penalty of the accused is death.

The Panel also noted that the family compensation accused of the family was 80 million.

Kill them, because they have stolen ... underwear

Watching the victim is no longer moving, Tung is at risk of rape.

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