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See "aluminum" case involving many local officials


Wednesday, 28/11/2018 00:30 AM (GMT + 7)

Plaid Da Nang's Secretary, Truong Quang Nghia, said the "Vu" aluminum case had involved many local officials and police.

In the afternoon of November 27, Da Nang's representative met Ngu Hanh Son's area voters after the sixth session of the National Assembly for XIV.

Speaking at the meeting, voters in Phan Lo (My An Ward) expressed concern about the law of illegal property handling passed by the National Assembly in the Law on Anti-Corruption.

The case of Wu & # 34; aluminum & # 34; including many local officers - 1

Many voters Ngu Hanh Son are concerned about the recovery of corrupted assets, including Vu "aluminum." Photo: TAN VIET

Speaking to the content, Phan Van Chi's voters questioned Da Nang's measures to recover property in the Vu "aluminum" case (Phan Van Anh Vu).

Voters are also concerned about the use of defense land at Nant Nang, investment projects that do not bring high efficiency.

Plaid Da Nang's Committee Secretary Truong Quang Nghia said that the LAC had revised this law for the first time and added that the property had increased for the first time due to unexplained income. It must be a corrupt property that it has.

"Having been a corrupted asset, of course, it must be seized and the person with corrupted property is sure to be prosecuted. But this is a fortune, the concept is quite common in other countries.The Congress did not want because of unconfirmed content that deferred adoption of the LAC, "said Cia.

Mr. confirmed Nghia also said that the anti-corruption work had not been banned. Evidence is the first time that Politburo members have been imprisoned, along with 13 members of the Central Committee.

The case of Wu & # 34; aluminum & # 34; including many local officers - 2

Secretary of the Plaid Da Nang Truong Quang Nghia. Photo: TAN VIET

In terms of Vu "aluminum" and cases have been and piloted, Mr Nghia confirmed that Da Nang was very active in this case.

"Other property associated with the" Aluminum "Vu obstruction but other names, money in banks … is a very complex battle. Danang has reported to the Government and the First Minister has refer so we can do it even Danang's request for some banks to calculate related accounts Vu "aluminum" is not simple, as Danang is not eligible to do it. But recently we've done it well, property has been managed "- says Cia.

Plaid Da Nang secretary also said that future "aluminum" Vu cases would mean many officers in the locations and police. Mainly on land, using some properties in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

On land protection, Mr Nghia said, because Da Nang is a massive military base, so it is also a land of defense. And if the Ministry of Defense does not cooperate, Da Nang can not be today.

"The Ministry of Defense is working with the Government to review all its defense. The state will manage carefully and have a clear position in using land for economic development protection," said Mr. Nghia.

Regarding the investment projects, Plaid Danang Secretary said that the Law on Public Investment, effective from 2015 to date, focused on adapting the deficits in investment projects, avoiding the widening of investment situation, invest to "Dots".

"Many of you are just like the project, the leader does not see anything, but just looking for a project to eat a few percent, is very cheap. Many completed projects do not know what to & They do but they die dying on such projects, "says Cia.

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